Promoveringsföreläsning: Fredrik Westerlund, Kemisk Biologi

​"Nanofluidics – why bother?"

​Fredrik Westerlund ger föreläsningen med anledning av sin befordran till professor.

My independent scientific career has been devoted to using nanofluidics to answer scientific questions, ranging from basic to clinical research. To make the nanofluidic structures that are at the core of all these projects we need specially trained people that work in a clean room environment and the work takes weeks to complete. Why still bother and not do the experiments in another way?
In this lecture I will explain why nanofluidics has become such a versatile tool in my group and at the same time discuss the different areas of research that we have used it for. DNA has been my key interest and will be an important part in the presentation. I will show how we can turn DNA into barcodes that can be used to identify and characterize DNA, and also how we use the nanochannels to study DNA protein interactions. I will furthermore explain our efforts on DNA analysis where we use what we know from the nanofluidics experiments, but want to do things in easier ways. This is for example important if we want to spread our work to general labs and low-resource settings.
In the end I will present how we have used the nanofluidics in research areas beyond DNA, focusing on nanoparticle analysis and heterogeneous catalysis.

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Plats: KB, lecture hall, Kemigården 4, Kemi & via Zoom; kontakta Jenny Hörlyk ( för länk och lösenord
Tid: 2021-10-29 10:00
Sluttid: 2021-10-29 11:00

Sidansvarig Publicerad: fr 22 okt 2021.