Webinar - TimBoost for Design of Glued-in Connection Rods in Timber Structures

​Projektet TimBoost har nyligen gått i mål och nu finns möjlighet att delta när programvaran för konstruktion av träföband för inlimmade stänger, utvecklad av Buildsoft, lanseras och demonstreras!

Projektet TimBoost, med mål att skapa och utveckla korrekta analys- och dimensioneringsmodeller till träförband med inlimmade stänger, är avslutat. De utvecklade modellerna har implementerats i programvaran TimBoost, utvecklad av Buildsoft, och kan tillämpas för utveckling av träprodukter. Timboost utför struktur- och dimensioneringsanalyser enligt gällande europeiska standarder.  Projektkonsortiet bjuder nu in till två webinarier varav det första syftar till att demonstrera programvaran och det andra ger en överblick av forskningen i projektet och de modeller som utvecklats. Läs mer om projektet nedan.


The TimBoost project consortium are pleased to announce the successful implementation of their recently developed design rules at Chalmers University of Technology for "Glued-in Rod connections", by the Belgian project partner BuildSoft into "TimBoost" software.

The project consortium has arranged two webinars to be held in October 2020, where they would like to present the final findings and results of the project and the established design rules, as well as demonstration of the launched software application.   

TimBoost has been a three-year EU project via Eurostars, a joint programme between EUREKA (the intergovernmental organisation for international cooperation in R&D and innovation), and the European Commission, co-funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project has been co-funded at the national level by Vinnova: the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation.   

The webinars

1:00-1:30 PM Tuesday October 6th
Webinar 1 [BuildSoft]
: Launch of TimBoost app -Design of glued-in rods connections in timber structures  Demonstration of free TimBoost software application 
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2:00-4:00 PM  Monday October 12th
Webinar 2 [Chalmers]: Glued-in-Rod joints in Timber Structures – Development of Analysis and Design Model  Overview of the conducted research for development of the design rules 
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Webinar link: https://chalmers.zoom.us/j/67740035701  

For both webinars, registration is required to get the information and access to the link of the seminars but attending for both events is free. You can find more information about the project/software and updates about the webinars on the TimBoost website: https://www.timboost.com/    

About the outcome of the project

As an outcome of the project, a package of validated semi-empirical/analytical-based design and analyses models for GiR joints in the form of explicit formulations has been developed on the basis of the approaches: FE numerical simulations, nonlinear fracture mechanics-based mathematical modeling and destructive experiments. The established design rules guarantee a standard performance of the GiR joints with different configuration made of threaded steel rods and rebars, bonded in glulam or structural timber with the commonly used two-component epoxy or polyurethane adhesives. A software named Timboost, developed by Buildsoft, utilizes the proposed design models to reliably calculate the load carrying capacity of GiRs for different possible failure modes. 
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Plats: Webianr
Tid: 2020-10-06 13:00
Sluttid: 2020-10-06 13:30

Publicerad: fr 25 sep 2020.