Göteborgs linbana. Illustration som visar linbanetornens gestaltning.
​Illustration som visar linbanetornens gestaltning. Illustration: UN Studio och Kjellgren Kaminsky

Design- och konstruktionsdagen 2018 - Göteborgs stadslinbana

​Välkommen till RunAn i Chalmers kårhus och årets upplaga av design- och konstruktionsdagen.

Gothenburg Cable Car is a complex project. Although cable car systems are well proven in demanding mountain environments there are many unknown issues to deal with in the difficult urban context and the challenging geology of Gothenburg.

The conference lectures will explicitly address the complexity of the project. In our professional engineering culture, in the community and Chalmers as well, we often rigorously reduce the intricacy of boundary conditions in a given proposal to be able to optimize its design in detail. However, in a complex infrastructure project, such as the Gothenburg Cable Car, the boundary conditions are inevitable shaped by incompatible demands that will not disappear. It is a crucial lesson for any engineer who works with large-scale urban projects.

Consequently, the collaboration between the partners of the design project is paramount, a collaboration based on trust both professionally and personally. The conference lectures will give examples on how the Gothenburg Cable Car emerges in such a collaborative climate between the partners and stakeholders of the project. After the competition, it is the design process that shapes the Gothenburg Cable Car.


13:00     Introduction – Fredrik Nilsson, Chalmers
               Prof. Fredrik Nilsson, Head of Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

13:10     "Gothenburg's Urban Cable Car; Järntorget – Wieselgrensplatsen – New travel possibilities in a  growing city".  Erik Thune - Trafikkontoret and Daniel Andersson - Västtrafik
               Municipality of Gothenburgowner of the Gothenburg Cable Car Project and Västtrafik - the Public Transport company in western Sweden and operator of the planned cable car.

13:30     "Foundations in challenging soil conditions under complex loading"
               Jelke Dijkstra
Geotechnics Research Group, Chalmers
Prof. in Geotechnics at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

13:50     "Gothenburg Skyline; Residential Living in Cable Cars"
arolina GranholmChalmers/We Group

               Architect and Chalmers Alumnus. Author of the Master's thesis "Gothenburg Skyline, Residential Living in Cable Cars"

14:10      Joakim Kaminsky, Kjellgren Kaminsky
               Architect and founding partner at Kjellgren Kaminsky, Architect Studio in the cable car local design team.
14:45     Pause

15:15     Jürgen Heinzel - UN Studio
Dipl.-Ing. Architect Jürgen Heinzel from winning architect studio in the international design cntest for Gothenbirg Cable Car.

               Boris Peter
Knippers Helbig
               Dipl.-Ing. Boris Peter, international engineering consultant and partner at Knippers Helbig - Advisory Design Engineer in the Cable Car international design team

16:10      Javad HomayounTrafikkontoret / Sweco
               Consultant at the Municipality of Gothenburg
owner of the Gothenburg Cable Car Project

16:20     General discussion and summary
               Morten Lund
               Artistic Prof. at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Mingle and refreshments after the presentations!


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