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Act Sustainable 2020 goes online!

We are proud to announce that Act sustainable 2020 will be a weeklong digital event. The ordinary physical events around the campuses on Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg have been swapped to an online forum. This means that all official events of Act Sustainable will be held online and all side events will provide the opportunity for digital participation.
​This is not what anyone thought or hoped for when planning began in 2019, but times of need demand innovation and offer great opportunity to explore new paths. Now we are very excited to traverse this new path together with our program partners, and of course all participants eager to delve into sustainable development!

The exception to this new arrangement is the Act Sustainable Research Conference which will be carried out on campus. Of course with safety precautions in line with the then current official guidelines.

Official program!

The official program will consist of events hosted by Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development and selected program partners from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. The program will have a multidisciplinary approach and each event will tackle one major sustainability challenge. The official language for events during Act Sustaianable is English and are open for all students, teachers, researchers, and staff at the two universities. Where capacity allows us we will also stream content to the general public, and beyond.


Departments, student unions, student organizations, faculties and external partners are encouraged to host side-events. These events will be presented on the official Act Sustainable website. The side events can be hosted exclusively for selected groups such as internal staff or students, or open for the public. As we aim to highlight as many sustainability initiatives as possible happening within the university, we encourage students and staff to notify us of any initiatives planned or in progress.

Registration for side-events will be open when the fall semester of 2020 start.

If you are interested in hosting an official event, please reach out to Karin Bylund, project coordinator for Act Sustainable, Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development.

Karin.bylund@gu.se / Karin.bylund@chalmers.se

Want more? Visit!
Web: actsustainable.se
Facebook: Gothenburg Student Sustainability Hub
Instagram: Studentsustainabilitygbg

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 18 jun 2020.