​Rodney Cook Sr. park, Atlanta, U.S.A
Bild: ​HDR Inc.

Health as Related to Architecture & the Built Environment - A U.S. Perspective

Öppet seminarium med Mike Apple RA, EDAC, LEED AP
Måndag 16 April, 10:00-12:00, Rum 356.
As healthcare costs continue to rise, and the health of some populations is actually declining, designers and policy makers are looking for solutions beyond what the healthcare sector traditionally offers. This requires a fresh look at the holistic nature of health – social, economic, demographic, and environmental. These factors are interwoven and interdependent, yet they are largely driven by slow-to-change public policy and cultural norms – how can the design of the built environment have an impact on this holistic nature of health?

We’ll take a look at challenges and opportunities at the macro scale, such as urban design and organizational collaboration, and at the micro scale, including the design of environments to provide healthcare services. We’ll discuss several project examples as well as manners in which designers are attempting to measure the “healthiness” of their designs.

Mike Apple är arkitekt AIA, EDAC (American Institute of Architects. Evidence-Based Design
Accreditation and Certification). Han har tidigare studerat på Chalmers Arkitektur och jobbar nu
med vårdbyggnadsprojekt på HDR, ett stort amerikanskt arkitektur och ingenjörsföretag.


Publicerad: ti 27 mar 2018. Ändrad: on 28 mar 2018