We are looking forward to welcoming you all and give you the latest news from the research front when gathering the Swedish wind energy academy with partners at the Wind Power Research in Focus Conference 2022.

The sessions will include presentations from the fields of planning, siting, turbine technology, operation and maintenance, and system integration. The program does also include two keynote presentations from the industry on future opportunities and challenges.

In addition, the new national Swedish Wind Centre will be launched.

Presentationer och filmer från konferensen


Towards Large-eddy Simulation of Wind Farm Flows for Industrial Application, Henrik Asmuth, Uppsala university

Coupled wind and wave simulations for offshore wind energy, Salur Basbug, RISE 

Coastal effects on the Baltic Sea wind profile, Christoffer Hallgren, Uppsala university

Numerical modelling of neutral atmospheric boundary layer flow over complex terrain covered by the heterogeneous forest, Hamidreza Abedi, Chalmers University of Technology

System integration

System balancing at nearly 100% renewable electricity generation, Henrik Nordström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Wind power and frequency regulation in Sweden – Technical performance and economic evaluation, Ola Carlson, Chalmers University of Technology & Mattias Persson, RISE

Use of Physics-informed neural networks for ageing prediction and lifetime extension of wind farm components, Federica Bragone, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Frequency regulation and system services for FFR from existing wind power, Mats Goldberg, RISE

Operation & Maintenance

Methods for supervision of bolt pretension: Improvements of Bolted Flange Joints in Wind Turbine Towers by Use of Slender Bolts and Sleeves, Anders Wickström, RISE

Transient torque reversals in wind turbine drivetrains: occurrence, consequences and mitigation, Saptarshi Sarkar, Chalmers university of Technology

Future sustainable recycling processes for wind turbine blades, Cecilia Mattson, RISE

Rekovind2: Mapping and digitization of the flow of wind turbine blades, Sergio Costa, RISE


Land-use synergy, Johan Svensson, SLU

Regional wind power planning, Ulla Mörtberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Planning offshore, Karin Olsson, Marine Monitoring

Future energy landscape

The role of wind power in the future Swedish power system, Lennart Söder, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Infrastructure in the landscape, Karin Hammarlund, Samskapet
Disinformation regarding wind power online, Elisa Tattersall Wallin, Swedish school of library and information science

Turbine technology

Wind Sector Management using Parabolic Equations for Sound Propagation, Karl Bolin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Design and production methods for sustainable and cost-effective wind turbine foundations, Alexandre Mathern, NCC Sverige

Modeling of ice accretion on wind turbine blades, Robert Zoltan Szasz, Lund University
Methods and material for sustainable wind turbine towers: Swedish towers made from spruce. Including impact from fire, on-site gluing and moisture, Anders Wickström, RISE


Accelerating access to renewable energy, Henrik Sjöström, OX2
Future possibilities and challenges from an industry perspective, Anders Rylin, SR Energy

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 01 dec 2022.