Lediga examensarbeten vid Industri- och materialvetenskap

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​18 June 2021 ​​SLM Process Simulation​
​9 June 2021 Post-processing for Metal Additive Manufacturing - surface modification
and support structure removal of 3D printed parts​
​4 June 2021 Understanding powder properties in AM​
​31 May 2021
Energy consumption during Additive manufacturing
​28 May 2021 FEM analysis of TensionCam fasteners
​7 May 2021 Design of automated material flows - thesis autumn 2021​
26 March 2021 ​Modelling Testing Ability of Novel Technologies in Space Applications​
​16 March 2021 Using 3DExperience as a Robot Controler​​
​16 Dec 2020
​Environmental Impact Assessment of Augmented Reality Technology Implementation - A Case Study in Remanufacturing
​30 Nov 2020 Quantifying the flexibility level of architectures by their space reservations and envelopes
​23 Nov 2020 Geometry assurance: Analysis of miss-constraining for manual assembly at Volvo Cars Sweden
​23 Nov 2020 Automatic CAD generation of novel concepts for aerospace concepts
​12 Nov 2020 The dynamics of a wheel loader handling unbound granular material
​12 Nov 2020 Future production of space components
4 Nov 2020 Evaluation of sitting postures of car passengers – with focus on slouched sitting postures
​2 Nov 2020 Camera mirrors impact on driver visual performance
​30 Oct 2020
Design of a space manufacturing system for asteroid mining applications
​13 Oct 2020 Characteristics of PorousTi-6Al-4V Implant Fabricated by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) for Biomedical Applications
​13 Oct 2020 Correlation between Microstructure and Crack Path during Fatigue in Electron Beam Melting (EBM) fabricated Ti-6Al-4V
​12 Oct 2020 Oxidationbehavior of a superalloy manufactured using AM with various surface treatments
​9 Oct 2020 Creating digital twins for design optimization of satellite electric propulsionsystems
​9 Oct 2020 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Low Alloy Steels Produced by Additive Manufacturing
​9 Oct 2020 Feasibility of Co-free Maraging Steels for Additive Manufacturing
​9 Oct 2020 Understanding low pressure atmospheric contaminants in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EB-PBF) additive manufacturing
​9 Oct 2020
Effect of high-productivity Laser Powder Bed Fusionprocessing on microstructure of manufactured components
​9 Oct 2020 Ex-situ inoculationstudies of high entropy alloys produced by laser powder bed fusion
​9 Oct 2020 Lignocellulosic sustainable bionanocomposites: from interface design toward new reactive melt processing approaches
​9 Oct 2020 Integrating Graphene Related 2D Nanomaterials into MetalMatrix
​9 Oct 2020
Stacking atomic two-dimensional layered materials into macroscopic electrode for advanced applications
​9 Oct 2020 Modelling of 3D Print Polyurethane (TPU) Polymer Moulds Used forcoldIsostatic Pressing: A Powder Metallurgical Technology
​9 Okt 2020 Short fiber bio-composites: manufacturing, testing and modelling
​9 Okt 2020 Numerical model reduction for FE analysis of the visco-plasticity problem
​9 Oct 2020 Phase-field modeling of fatigue crack propagation
​8 Oct 2020 Towards the world’s first well-functioning knee brace
​8 Oct  2020 Simulation-driven development of stronger tennis rackets (HEAD)
​8 Oct 2020 Textile reinforced concrete: linking experiments through finite element analyses
​8 Oct 2020
Digital image analysis for statistical process control
​7 Oct 2020 Machine learning strategies to predict ion transport through a porous Structural
​7 Oct 2020 Modeling and Finite Element Simulation of Deformation in a Porous Structural
​7 Oct 2020 Enriched functional modelling software to assess automotive
​30 Sep 2020 Oxidation behavior of a superalloy manufactured using AM with various surface treatments
​14 Sep 2020
Towards high-performance wood fibre reinforced composites
​14 Sep 2020
Micromechanical testing of Li-intercalated carbon fibres for structural composite batteries
​19 Aug 2020 Investigation of the potential of additive manufacturing for hand surgery
​17 Aug 2020
Creation of digital twins to design for accessibility in aeroengine components
​16 Jun 2020 Using 3DExperience to enrich the VR experience when building a new factory

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