Lediga examensarbeten vid Industri- och materialvetenskap

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​7 Dec 2022 Safe technologies for air defence against UAVs​
​7 Dec 2022 Pressure engines for biomimetic flight​
​2 Dec 2022 Using 3DEXPERIENCE as a unified platform for production engineering​
​28 Nov 2022 Materials for interconnect between or within printed circuit boards​
​25 Nov 2022 Vibration monitoring, Data science and AI for Turntables​
​23 Nov 2022
Recycling of plastics packaging waste into new bottles
​22 Nov 2022 Vibroacoustic simulation for a bus​
​20 Nov 2022 Optimising the design of a cross-flow fine particle separation chamber​
​15 Nov 2022 ​Predicting laser powder bed fusion defects through in-process monitoring data
14 Nov 2022 ​Modelling of mitigation of distortion by Quintus URC and URQ
14 Nov 2022 ​Design of components for high flows
14 Nov 2022 ​Data Analytics and Machine Learning
14 Nov 2022 ​Calculation model for high flows
​14 Nov 2022 ​Properties of material of the test facilities in harsh tests environment​​
​11 Nov 2022 Help Push Producers Forward in their Environmental Data Collection​
​27 Oct 2022 People's experience of the tramway's barrier effects in cities​
​17 Oct 2022 ​​MSc thesis PLENUM_XR workstation​
​17 Oct 2022 Study of melt pool dynamics and microstructure evolution​
​17 Oct 2022 Heat treatment and IN-939​
​10 Oct 2022 Identifying improvements for quality production disturbance handling​
​10 Oct 2022 ​​Vertical farming device and automated system to operate it, NORBITE​
​13 Sep 2022
Formation and characteristics of white etching layers on austenitic steels
​15 Aug 2022 3D Factory commissioning ​
17 Jan 2022 ​Design guide for closing valves. CEJN/Chalmers​
​15 Dec 2021 Digitalization supports the visualization of environmental impact in production systems​​
10 Dec 2021 ​​Digitalization Concept of personalized Assembly Instructions at Volvo Cars​
​3 Dec 2021 FEM analysis of TensionCam fasteners Bulten AB​
​3 Dec 2021 Effect of work hardening on fatigue performance of fasteners Bulten AB​
​25 Nov 2021 GLN production scenarios-Circularity indicators 2022​
​17 Nov 2021 Assessing the Use of Biofuels for Data Center Power Backup – An LCA Study​, PREEM​

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