Lediga examensarbeten vid Industri- och materialvetenskap

If any information is missing in the thesis proposal, please contact Vice head of department Lars Almefelt.


​8 March 2019 Micromeso scale modeling of wedge-shaped kink band formation in composites
​8 March 2019 Material model development for trapped rubber processing
​8 Jan 2019 Enriched functional modelling software to assess automotive system architectures
​8 Jan 2019 Development of a portable microwave system for medical applications
​13 Dec 2018
Validation of spot welding simulation in a geometry assurance context at Volvo Trucks
​13 Dec 2018 Efficient automotive solutions
​12 Dec 2018 Handling of mechanical drawings
​6 Dec 2018 ​3D scanning/printing of triathlon bike for performance improvement
​6 Dec 2018 Assessment of alternative technologies for satellite electric
​5 Dec 2018 Automatic design implementing machine learning strategies for satellite components
​5 Dec 2018
Modelling of 3D printing and AM powders using the Discrete Element Method
​4 Dec 2018 Geometrical locating scheme for complex manufacturing
​3 Dec 2018 Photocatalysis for water and air treatment
​3 Dec 2018 From ocean plastics to boats
​3 Dec 2018 A collaborative digital platform enabling design using additive manufacturing
​21 Nov 2018 Geometry assurance of metal AM parts
​6 Nov 2018 ​Mechanical Assessment of Future Aircraft Engines and its Impact on Component Loads
​6 Nov 2018 Crystalline Nanocellulose Composite for Non-Load Bearing Applications
​1 Nov 2018 Topologioptimering av dynamiskt belastade strukturer
​31 Oct 2018 Investigating vibration and damping characteristics of short fiber bio-composites
​31 Oct 2018 Multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Bio-composites via orientation averaging (SFRB_2)
​31 Oct 2018 Multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Bio-composites via computational homogenization (SFRB_1)
​30 Oct 2018 Plastics in Radar Process Connections
​30 Oct 2018 Quantifying lateral movement during normal drive and evaluating
​29 Oct 2018 Multidisciplinary Optimization for Spot Welding Location
​23 Oct 2018 Steering towards olympic gold: - stiffer, lighter, stronger
​22 Oct 2018 Additive Manufacturing of Tool Steels at different preheating temperatures
​18 Oct 2018 STENA Refrigerator Recycling
​16 Oct 2018 Powder Recycling Accelerated Degradation of 3D-Printing Ti-6Al-4V Components for Aerospace Application
​2 Oct 2018 Sustainable Manufacturing: Machining Fluid – From Mineral Oil to Vegetable Oil
​25 Sep 2018 Argon porosity in Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V and/or IN718 parts
​25 Sep 2018 Additive Manufacturing to produce mold inserts for injection molds
​25 Sep 2018 ​Additive Manufacturing of jigs and fixtures
​25 Sep 2018 ​Ultra-light weight design through Additive Manufacturing
​25 Sep 2018 3D printing and material optimization for Direct Metal Deposition process
​25 Sep 2018 ​Additive Manufacturing and Post Processing of Surface Textures
​24 Sep 2018 Utvärdering och vidareutveckling av exoskelett för undertaksmontörer
​24 Sep 2018 ​Oförstörande provning för mätning av föreningszon hos nitrokarburerade stål
​23 Aug 2018 ​Determination of long-term properties for medical device components
​4 May 2018 Compilation of environmental contaminants from contents of burned enclosures
​6 April 2018 Optimisation of furniture materials for fire safety and circularity
​6 Feb 2018 ​Development of an automated recycling process for car battery cathodes
​8 Jan 2018
Digitalization challenges for Svensk Volvohandels quality assurance and delivery    process
​19 Dec 2017 Evaluation of Powder Characteristics for Selective Laser Melting by means of Powder Rheology
​13 Dec 2017 Metodutveckling 2018 Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics
​8 Dec 2017 ​Development of new alloying systems suitable for tooling applications
​1 Dec 2017 ​Validation and development of welding simulations in a geometry assurance context
​1 Dec 2017 ​HMI development for asphalt plant SCADA system
27 Nov 2017 Re-use of Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing Processes
26 Nov 2017 User expectations, understanding, and use of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving
24 Nov 2017 Digital Twin for Virtual Commissioning
24 Nov 2017 Use of Computer Manikin Software in selected industries for product design and production planning
24 Nov 2017 Evaluation of manufacturing technique for liquid tank with complex internal structure
24 Nov 2017 The Space industry of tomorrow
24 Nov 2017 Asko Appliances AB: Drop Stop
24 Nov 2017 Ergonomics of Future Automated Trucks
24 Nov 2017 Improve eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea Region through digital technologies
24 Nov 2017 Two-way communication
24 Nov 2017 Augmented reality
24 Nov 2017 Simulation of the Smart Industry Innovation Lab (SIILab)
24 Nov 2017 Validation of a framework for future assembly information systems
24 Nov 2017 Repurposing smartphone capabilities for circular economy business models in Telecommunication
24 Nov 2017
Learning through augmented- and virtual reality
24 Nov 2017
Cloud based virtual PLC
24 Nov 2017
Machine learning for the smart factories
24 Nov 2017
Predictive maintenance
24 Nov 2017 Characterisation and analysis of high performance discontinuous composites
24 Nov 2017 Feasibility Study and System Level Optimization of Structural Battery Composites in Electric Car Design
23 Nov 2017 Automatic Identification and Generation of Robot Kinematics for Industrial Robots in DELMIA V5
23 Nov 2017 Hållbar produktion
20 Nov 2017 Simulation of ultrasonic techniques in nondestructive evaluation using k-wave
20 Nov 2017 Squeak and Rattle Sound Database and Acoustic Characterisation
20 Nov 2017 Nonlinear modeling and simulation - impact events & validation with experiment
20 Nov 2017
Nonlinear simulation of contact friction (stick-slip) & experimental validation
16 Nov 2017 Composite L-profile modeling
15 Nov 2017 Graphene composites produced with innovative techniques
13 Nov 2017 Investigation of Hot Cracking during Additive Manufacturing of Ni-base Superalloys
7 Nov 2017 Hållbara polymera produkter med 3D-printing
6 Nov 2017 Microstructural characterization of as-EBM built and heat treated γ-Titanium aluminide
30 Oct 2017 Quality assurance for additive manufacturing
30 Oct 2017 Post-processing for Metal Additive Manufacturing “3D printing”
30 Oct 2017 Investigation of Hot Cracking during Additive Manufacturing of Ni-base Superalloys
27 Oct 2017 Modelling and optimisation of composite laminates for sailboat masts
25 Oct 2017 Computational optimization of bio-composite lattice
19 Oct 2017 Simulation model of RUAG Space's manufacturing system
13 Oct 2017 Geometry assurance of metal AM parts

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