Jinhua Sun Docent IMS

​Jinhua Sun höll sin docentföreläsning för "oavlönad docent"  i  Grafenbaserade kompositer för avancerade applikationer den 14 Juni 2022.

Jinhua Sun fokuserar sin forskning på design, syntes och funktionalisering av lågdimensionella nanomaterial för energirelaterad tillämpning. Syftet med hans forskning är att förstå hur materialets struktur påverkar dess egenskaper och hitta en metod för att förbättra materialets prestanda.

Kontakt: Jinhua SunForskare på avdelningen för Material- och tillverkning, Institutionen för industri- och materialvetenskap​

Sammanfattning av föreläsningen: Batteries: from material to manufacture
Our modern world is now being powered by the batteries. As the current dominant rechargeable batteries, the lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been considered for now as the key energy-storage technology for the transition from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. However, the widespread implementation of LIBs is still of great concern because of their unsatisfactory durability (less than 1000 cycles), shortage of key materials (e.g., Li, Co), high cost, and insufficient safety. To complement or even replace LIBs for a broad application, e.g., from mobile devices to long-range electric vehicles, and further to power grid, since last decades the great effort has been dedicated to the development of inexpensive, safe, scalable, and high-performance alternative rechargeable batteries. 
In this lecture, I will introduce several most promising energy-storage technologies, for example Fast charging battery, Sodium ion battery, Aluminum battery, and Lithium-sulfur battery. The advantages and limitations of those batteries compared with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery will be discussed. Our strategies in the development of the high-performance electrode material will be presented. In the end, I will also briefly discuss the challenges and opportunities in battery manufacturing. Overall, the goal is to develop new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies for better batteries to provide new opportunities for the future renewable energy storage and sustainable society.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 15 jun 2022.