Opportunities of Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Small Modular Reactors

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Opportunities of Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Small Modular Reactors: Are small modular reactors a competitive way of producing hydrogen in the future hydrogen economy?
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Handledare: Johan Malmqvist, IMS​

Hydrogen is being proposed as the fuel of the future and to be used for many applications in industry and transportation. Producing low-carbon hydrogen requires a lot of low-carbon energy. The study has investigated what applications hydrogen will most likely have a prominent role in, and what requirements different demands put on the supply. The development of small modular nuclear reactors (SMR) has been investigated as well as their potential as an energy source in hydrogen production. The research approach of the study consisted of a literature study, followed by a qualitative study. The qualitative study consisted of interviews with 12 experts in the areas of hydrogen applications and nuclear power. The study also included calculations deciding the delivered cost of hydrogen. The study found that there are applications where the demand for hydrogen is certain, including in the production of ammonia and methanol. Applications of hydrogen such as producing steel, as a fuel for trucks, busses, and ships are also found to be probable growing demands for hydrogen in the future. The study found that SMRs have many synergies with hydrogen production, including process heat, continuous production, less location-specific, and modularity. Finally, the results of the study include calculations of the delivered cost of hydrogen, proving small modular reactors as a competitive alternative under certain assumptions. To summarize, the study has found that there is a need for low-carbon hydrogen in the future and that it is important to consider the delivered cost of hydrogen, which includes production, transportation, and storage cost. It was found that it is important to be technology-neutral when considering energy sources for producing hydrogen and that nuclear and SMRs should be included as an option.

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