Challenges to achieve fossil-free production

​Issa Hermz & Julian Zora presenterar sitt examensarbete. Online presentation. 
Program: BSc Mechanical Engineering
Examinator: Dr Mélanie Despeisse (IMS, Chalmers)
Handledare: Lena Moestam & Ann Sofie Gullbring (Volvo Group Trucks Operations)
Opponenter: Rasmus Hilmersson & Rahul Kirpalani

Volvo Trucks as a company are making their efforts to complete their part of the
Paris agreement aiming for sustainability through making their production of trucks
fossil-free. The problems of this are difficult in part because of the company being so
large and in part because of the technology available, which to focus on and which
to research. We have been assigned to create a roadmap for Volvo Trucks through
research and interviews with different experts from different sites from Volvo Trucks
here in Sweden to find out what in particular every site needs to achieve these
goals. What has been concluded from all this are roadmaps for each individual site
with specific problems and possible solutions for all of them and the company as
a whole. The results shown are very interesting as there are specific problems in
some sites that others might have and the possible solutions that may be used and
researched. There is a lot of work that has been done and showcased in this report
which people can take part of and work with for themselves regarding making a
sustainable production work.
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Tid: 2021-09-20 11:00
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