CAD Electrical process for aerospace harness

​Anton Hansson och Julia Land presenterar sitt examensarbete.
Program: Product development
Examinator: Lars Lindkvist, IMS
Handledare: Miller Rothfuchs (Heart Aerospace)
Opponenter: Rasmus Eriksson and Nellie Lexander
This report presents a project done at the start-up company Heart Aerospace. The project is about developing a standardized procedure for how to design cable harness in CATIA V5. Having a faulty cable harness in an aircraft can lead to life threatening danger. Standardized procedures are therefore necessary to minimize the risk of errors. The first step of the project was to learn about the requirements and installations for Electrical Wire Interconnection Systems (EWIS). EWIS is the wiring system and the terminations in the aircraft. The second step was to acquire knowledge on cable harness design in CATIA V5. This was gained from Heart Aerospace employees and web-based research. In addition, a pilot project was provided to learn about cable harness design and to find a structure for the standardized procedure. The purpose of the pilot project was to elaborate wiring and documentation between two points, both located in the cockpit avionics bay behind the displays. The third step was to develop the standardized procedure for how to design cable harness. The development resulted in a 110 pages guideline with figure and text format. The guideline was an iterative process based on feedback from Heart Aerospace employees and test results from students. The guideline was designed to be elemental and can therefore be used by both experienced and non-experienced CATIA V5 users. An advanced guideline would have resulted in fewer users. As additional information about cable harness design enters the company, the guideline will be change with it. Therefore, the developed guideline is a revision A and will be continuously updated by Heart Aerospace.

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Plats: M Delta, conference room, Hörsalsvägen 7A, M-huset
Tid: 2022-05-25 14:00
Sluttid: 2022-05-25 15:00

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