MSG600 Statistical Quality Control 7,5 cr

Statistical quality control is a set of methods for achieving quality control in manufacturing processes. The main topics of this course are:

  • an overview of quality management
  • modelling and inference about process quality
  • statistical process control, methods and philosophy
  • control chars for variables and attributes
  • CUMSUM and EWMA charts
  • multivariate process control
  • SPC with correlated data
  • process and measurement system capability analysis.


The course is given
  • every other year in the
  • second half of autumn
  • jointly with Chalmers MVE145
Course information 2011
  • Lecturer and examiner: Tommy Norberg
  • Schedule
Course information 2009
  • Lecturer and examiner: Ulla Blomqvist
  • Schedule
Course information 2007


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