MSA640 Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data 7,5 cr

Categorical data are special and need to be treated accordingly. On one hand the usual normal distribution methods apply only asymptotically, and on the other hand categorical data, being simple, give an opportunity to use exact distributions.
In this course the emphasis will be on parametric modelling of categorical data:
  • properties of the multinomial distribution,
  • goodness-of-fit measures,
  • logistic regression,
  • polychotomous regression,
  • log-linear models.
Additional topics not in the textbook will be briefly touched on at the end of the course. These topics include generalized estimating equations (GEE) and ML methods for generalized linear mixed models.



The course is
  • given every second year
  • in the second half of spring
  • jointly with Chalmers MVE215
Course information 2012 - the course is cancelled
  • Examiner:  Marita Olsson
  • Schedule
  • Examiner:  Marita Olsson
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