Older courses for Engineering mathematics and computational science

​Older courses up until 2000/2001
TDA110 ​Numerical linear algebra
TMA012 ​Ordinary differential equations
TMA025 ​Partial differential equations, advanced course
TMA135 ​Optimization under uncertainty
TMA145 ​Numerical path following and bifurcations
TMA146 ​Numerical path following and bifurcations
TMA155 ​Options and mathematics
TMA361 Fourier analysis
TMA371 ​Partial differential equations
TMA381 ​Applied discrete structures
​TMA400 ​Functional analysis
TMA461 ​Fourier and wavelet analysis
​TMA471 ​Dynamical systems
​TMA481 ​Partial differential equations - nonlinear problems
TMA501 ​Optimal control of differential equations
TMA502 ​Optimal control of differential equations
​TMA631 ​Project course: Partial differential equations
​TMA861 ​Mathematics and options
​TMA880 ​Numerical methods for parallel computers
​TMA885 ​Systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear optimization
​TMA890 ​Large and sparse matrix problems
TMA895 ​Topics in numerical analysis
​TMA945 ​Applied optimization
​TMA946 ​Applied optimization
​TMA950 ​Computational differential equations A
TMA955 ​Computational differential equations B


Older courses up until 2006/2007 ​
TMA136 ​Optimization under uncertainty
TMA240 ​Mathematical logics
TMA382 ​Applied discrete structures
​TMA482 ​Partial differential equations - computing science
​TMV060 ​Kinetic theory of gases
​TMV090 ​Applied biomathematics


Older courses up until 2009/2010​
TMA013​ ​Ordinary differential equations


Older courses up until 2011/2012​
TMS106 ​Population genetics


Older courses up until 2012/2013
MVE075 ​Morfomatics
MVE160 Mathematical modelling
​​TMA325 Introduction to Engineering mathematics
TMS026 ​Reliability theory


Older courses up until 2013/2014
MVE185 Computer intensive statistical methods
​MVE205 ​Survival analysis
MVE215 ​Statistical analysis of categorial data
MVE320 Probabilities and expectations
MVE325 ​Statistical inference principles
​TMS086 ​Financial time series
​TMS110 ​Markov theory
​TMS170 ​​Stochastic calculus 2


Older courses up until 2014/2015
MVE161 Ordinary differential equations and mathematical modelling
​TMS041 ​Multivariate statistical analysis


Older courses up until 2015/2016
MVE360 Bioinformatic


Older courses up until 2016/2017
MVE186 ​Computer intensive statistical methods
​TMA891 ​Large and sparse matrix problems
TMS087 ​Financial time series
Older courses up until 2017/2018
​TMA014 ​Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
TMS031 ​Experimental design
Older courses up until 2018/2019
​TMA632 ​Partial differential equations, project course
Older courses up until 2019/2020
MVE440 ​Statistical learning for big data
TMA462 ​Wavelet analysis
MVE200 ​Design and analysis of clinical trials
Older courses up until 20202021
TMA362 ​Fourier analysis
MVE136 ​Random signal analysis
​MVE210 ​Linear mixed models for longitudinal data

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