MVEX01-17-19 Simulation of ice crystals by Gaussian random fields

Ice crystals, Saharan dust particles, and small feldspar particles can be modelled by Gaussian random fields on the unit sphere. Furthermore these random fields play an important role in cosmological data analysis. In this project we will discuss Gaussian random fields, implement approximations and study their convergence behaviour as well as the convergence of the corresponding approximated ice crystals.
Obs! För GU-studenter räknas projektet som ett projekt i Matematisk Statistik (MSG900/MSG910).
Projektkod MVEX01-17-19
Gruppstorlek 3-4
Förkunskaper: Basic knowledge in probability theory and a scientific programming language such as for example matlab or R
Handledare Annika Lang, 031-7725356 ,
Examinator Maria Roginskaya, Marina Axelson-Fisk
Institution Matematiska vetenskaper​

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 12 sep 2017.