Tryckutjämnande bandage prisat

​Det tryckutjämnande bandaget Lundatex system har blivit utnämnt till Most Innovative Product av Journal of Wound Care Awards, och till Best Product in Medical Textiles av Future Textile Awards.

​Bandaget är ett resultat av samarbetet mellan en kirurg, matematikern Torbjörn Lundh och hans doktorand Jonatan Vasilis, och utvecklare på Smart Textiles på Högskolan i Borås.

Journal of Wound Care Awards delades ut i London i mars, och produkten beskrivs så här:

Our bandage is the result of a collaboration between a mathematician, a surgeon and a textile developer. The surgeon, Dr Erney Mattsson, saw an unsolved problem with the bandage he used in his practice and the mathematician, Torbjörn Lundh, solved the problem with a mathematical formula. The mathematical formula was handed over to Josefin Damm who interpreted it into a textile. The developed bandage is highly elastic and gives a precise pressure to any leg, independent of the size and shape and who applies it. In our two-component compression product Lundatex system, we add in-elastic velcro patches to the bandage which create a stiff shell around the leg. While the bandage ensures a low and comfortable resting pressure, the shell raises the working pressure. The elevated working pressure supports the calf muscle pump and thus drastically increases the venous return. The Lundatex system is made to fit any leg. The bandage is built to give same pressure on any sized leg and the stiff shell is custom made directly on the patient.

Future Textile Awards delades ut i maj i Frankfurt.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 05 dec 2018.