​​Laura Fainsilber: Vad säger lärarstudenter om sin matematiska utveckling?
Abstract: How do teacher students describe their development in relation to mathematics during their university studies? This study, based on interviews with four graduating high school teachers, focuses on their recollection of changes in the way they approach mathematics. Students highlight a deeper interest in mathematics per se, with a progression from being satisfied when they found the right answer to a question, to further exploring aspects of a task and looking for connections. They find that they have a wider variety of ways to work with problems, so that they can continue in case one method fails. They also describe a change in attitude to new mathematical language and notation, from ignoring new notation or giving up when faced with it, to trying to interpret it. Student trace back their personal development to different courses in the program. One Mathematical modelling course, designed to make students solve complex problems and apply their knowledge in new contexts, is mentioned by all, but different students also refer to key sections from different courses in the program. Despite explicit question about concepts and mathematical understanding, students did not in general describe their development in terms of increased knowledge, nor did they talk about changes in identity as student or teacher. Instead, they emphasized changes in the process of working with mathematical tasks.
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Plats: MV:L15 och Zoom
Tid: 2022-10-05 10:00
Sluttid: 2022-10-05 11:00

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