Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) seminar

​Stefan Horst Sommer, University of Copenhagen: Stochastic shape analysis and probabilistic geometric statistics

Abstract: Analysis and statistics of shape variation can be formulated in geometric settings with geodesics modelling transitions between shapes. The talk will concern extensions of these smooth geodesic models to account for noise and uncertainty: Stochastic shape processes and stochastic shape matching algorithms. In the stochastic setting, matching algorithms take the form of bridge simulation schemes which also provide approximations of the transition density of the stochastic shape processes. The talk will cover examples of stochastic shape processes and connected bridge simulation algorithms. I will connect these ideas to geometric statistics, the statistical analysis of general manifold valued data, particularly to the diffusion mean
​Organiser: David Cohen ( Please contact me if you need the Zoom password. Zoom meeting link:
Kategori Seminarium
Plats: MV:L14 och online
Tid: 2021-11-04 13:00
Sluttid: 2021-11-04 13:45

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 26 okt 2021.