Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) seminar

​Eskil Hansen, Lund University: Convergence analysis of the nonoverlapping Robin–Robin method for nonlinear elliptic equations

The nonoverlapping Robin–Robin method is commonly encountered when discretizing elliptic equations, as it enables the usage of parallel and distributed hardware. Convergence has been derived in various linear contexts, but little has been proven for nonlinear equations. In this talk we present a convergence analysis for the Robin–Robin method applied to nonlinear elliptic equations with a p-structure, including degenerate diffusion equations governed by the p-Laplacian. The analysis relies on a new theory for nonlinear Steklov–Poincaré operators based on the p-structure and the Lp-generalization of the Lions–Magenes spaces. This framework allows the reformulation of the Robin–Robin method into a Peaceman–Rachford splitting on the interfaces of the subdomains, and the convergence analysis then follows by employing elements of the abstract theory for monotone operators.

This is joint work with Emil Engström (Lund University)

​Organiser: David Cohen ( Please contact me if you need the Zoom password. Zoom meeting link:
Kategori Seminarium
Plats: Online
Tid: 2021-09-29 13:15
Sluttid: 2021-09-29 14:00

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 27 sep 2021.