Tidigare år

Nedan listas forskarutbildningskurser för tidigare år som inte varit gemensamma med grundutbildningen.






Matematisk statistik



Matematisk statistik



Matematisk statistik



Matematisk statistik



Matematisk statistik

  • Chaos expansion on Poisson spaces with some applications in stochastic geometry (Günter Last, Sergei Zuyev)
  • Applied Bayesian Methods (Petter Mostad)
  • Statistics of extremes (study group, Holger Rootzén)
  • Experimental design. Reading course based on Box, Hunter, Hunter: Statistics for Experimenters (Petter Mostad)
  • Brownian motion and diffusion (Mats Rudemo and Magnus Röding)
  • Industrial perspectives on Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (Marija Cvijovic)​
  • External course: Extremes in Space and Time (Thomas Mikosch, University of Copenhagen)



Matematisk statistik

  • Probabilistic methods in combinatorics, number theory and computer science (2nd half, Devdatt Dubhashi, Peter Hegarty, Jeff Steif)
  • Bootstrap and resampling methods (2nd half and 1st part of spring, reduced speed, Rebecka Jörnsten)
  • Percolation Theory (1st half, Olle Häggström)
  • Stochastic control theory (April-May, Boualem Djehiche)
  • Introduction to R for biologists (April-May, Krzysztof Bartoszek)
  • Statistical Inference and Supervised Learning (May, Mats Rudemo, Magnus Röding)
  • Interacting Particle Systems (Jeff Steif)
  • MCMC methods in Bayesian inference (Petter Mostad)
  • Elements of Statistical Learning (Jenny Jonasson, Mats Rudemo)
  • Gaussian Stationary Processes (Anastassia Baxevani)
  • Chaos Expansions, Finite Elements, and Randomly Forced Equations (Krzysztof Podgorski, Igor Rychlik)
  • Noise sensitivity and sharp thresholds (Jeff Steif)



Matematisk statistik

  • Introduction to Statistical Genetics (September, Simon Tavaré, Olle Nerman)
  • Regression Models and Graphs (October, Nanny Wermuth)
  • MCMC methods in Bayesian inference (2nd half, Petter Mostad)
  • Interacting Particle Systems (2nd half, Jeff Steif)


  • Methods of operator spaces, lp 1-2
    Examinator: Lyudmila Turowska
  • Basics of geometric measure theory,lp 1-2
    Examinator: Maria Roginskaya
  • Partial differential equations, lp 1-2
    Examinator: Nils Svanstedt
  • Noise sensitivity and sharp thresholds, lp 1-2
    Examinator: Jeff Steif
  • Pluripotential theory on Kähler manifolds, lp 1-2
    Examinator: Robert Berman
  • Spectral theory, lp 2
    Examinator: Grigori Rozenblioum
  • Numerical Methods for solution of Coefficient Inverse Problems, lp 2-3
    Examinator: Larisa Beilina
  • Complex analysis, lp 3-4
    Examinator: Mats Andersson
  • Quantum mechanics for mathematicians, lp 3-4 (??)
  • Riemannian geometry, lp 4
    Examinator. Genkai Zhang

Matematisk statistik

  • Noise sensitivity and sharp thresholds (Oct-Dec, Jeff Steif)
  • Chaos Expansions, Finite Elements, and Randomly Forced Equations (Krzysztof Podgorski, Igor Rychlik)
  • Introduction to Graphical Markov models (Oct-Dec, Nanny Wermuth)
  • Weak Convergence (1st half, Sergei Zuyev)
  • Gaussian Stationary Processes (2nd half, Anastassia Baxevani)
  • Elements of Statistical Learning (2nd half, Jenny Jonasson, Mats Rudemo)
  • Robust konstruktionsmetod för ökad tillförlitlighet (anmälan senast 29 jan 2010, Jacques de Mare)
  • Size-biased random trees and limit theorems in branching processes (May, K. B. Athreya, Peter Jagers)
  • ABC-techniques and Applications (June, Simon Tavaré, Olle Nerman)



  • Morfometri, lp 1
    Examinator: Torbjörn Lundh
  • Optimization problems in random models, höst
    Examinator: Johan Wästlund
  • Basics of geometric measure theory, höst
    Examinator: Maria Roginskaya
  • Algebraisk kombinatorik, höst
    Examinator: Niklas Eriksen
  • Algebraisk geometri 2, höst
    Examinator: Per Salberger
  • Complex analytic varieties, lp 2
    Examinator: Håkan Samuelsson
  • Variational and operator convergence, lp 2-3
    Examinator: Nils Svanstedt