Teanette van der Spuy och Max Behrens, Elektroteknik

​Titel: Full Duplex Antenna Array Systems for SatCom Applications - A methodology for modelling and finding optimum excitations for full duplex array antenna systems

Supervisor Chalmers: Marianna Ivashina and Rob Maaskant
Supervisors Satcube: Lukas Nyström
Examiner: Marianna Ivashina<
Opponents: Sebastian Ekman and Viktor Mattsson

The increasing need for constant global internet connectivity has pushed the SatCom industry, which was based on GEO satellites in the past, to expand into LEO and MEO constellations. To utilise these constellations effectively, antennas with strict requirements on bandwidth, frequencies, cost, polarisation, and scanning capabilities need to be developed. Furthermore, the terrestrial user-end transceiver terminals have to comply with emission standards and size/weight requirements, while providing the specified performance at a reasonable cost.

This work presents a signal processing model of a phased array transceiver system for SatCom applications. From this model, optimum excitations for the antennatransceiver system can be derived and key performance and design trade-offs can be identified. The model makes use of a MoM solver to characterize the array antenna and a microwave system solver to analyse the interactions between the antenna and the transceiver circuitry. A full duplex 256-element halfwave dipole antenna-transceiver is modelled and simulated.
The system is dual-band, with Rx operating in the 26 GHz band and Tx in the 29 GHz band. Beamformer weights are calculated for both bands to optimize for gain, isolation, and radiation mask adherence respectively over a scan angle of up to 60◦. It is shown that good isolation and radiation mask adherence can be achieved for only a slight reduction in gain performance.

Teanette, Max and Marianna
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Plats: E2 Room 3311 Lunnerummet
Tid: 2022-06-13 11:00
Sluttid: 2022-06-13 12:00

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