Praveen Raju Hasbavi and Tejas Bharadwaj Prakash

​Magnetically Biased Inductors in Switching Converters

Opponent: Rohit Puthukode Ramakrishnan, Rahul Puthukode Ramakrishnan
Examinator: Torbjörn Thiringer

The power electronic industry is striving to shrink the power converter in both weight and volume while still delivering excellent performance. One possible way of making the magnetic component in the converter smaller is to utilize the magnetic material to a greater extent. In the common buck or boost type converter, the material is not used as efficiently as it could be. By introducing a magnetic DC bias in the magnetic circuit of the inductor it could be possible to utilize the entire B-H curve of the magnetic material, this should in principle make it possible to make the inductor smaller.

This thesis focuses on designing the biased inductor with a permanent magnet and introducing the designed biased inductor in the boost converter and perform analysis and have a comparison with boost converter having standard inductor. Designing of the standard inductor is performed in COMSOL and the design of the biased inductor is modelled keeping the designed standard inductor as a base model. The boost converter is operated in 25KHz frequency and works at 12V to 24V DC/DC conversion with a power rating at 24W.

It was found that the size of the biased inductor is reduced with the factor of four compared to the standard inductor and the weight reduced to 35%. Furthermore, the efficiency of both the boost converter with the standard inductor and biased inductor is studied and it remained almost the same at 93%.

Praveen Raju, Tejas Bharadwaj and Torbjörn
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Tid: 2021-09-28 16:00
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