Mittseminarium Mohammad Farsi

​Titel: Capacity Bounds and Tracking of Polarization Drift in Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems

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The seminar can be accessed through Zoom, and it will open shortly before 10:00. We would kindly ask you to keep the video off and mute the microphone during the seminar. At the end of the session there will be an opportunity to ask questions through Zoom. In case there will be any updates about the event, these will be posted on this website.

Mohammad Farsi är doktorand i forskargruppen kommunikationssystem
Examinator är professor Erik Agrell
Diskussionsledare är Dr. Cristian Czegledi, Ericsson AB

Spectrally efficient optical communication systems are less tolerant to impairments such as state of polarization (SOP) drift and polarization-dependent loss (PDL). Both internal and external perturbations of the fiber cause the SOP to drift randomly in time, making the polarization tracking challenging. Due to the random nature of the impairments, the polarization tracking might be imperfect. Therefore, it is important to determine how imperfect estimation affects the capacity and how to improve the tracking capability of the optical systems.

In this talk, we characterize the capacity of the polarization drift channel in the presence of imperfect polarization tracking for the first time. Our bounds also show that a unitary estimation of the channel leads to a higher achievable rate. Besides, the bounds are derived for any number of dimensions and apply also to optical multimode transmission systems. Then, accounting for SOP drift and PDL, we propose tracking algorithms offering a higher polarization drift tolerance than the conventional gradient-descent algorithms without needing adaptive parameter tuning. The proposed algorithms are particularly advantageous in applications where the channel conditions can change abruptly during the transmission.

Kategori Seminarium
Plats: EL41, lecture room, Maskingränd 2, Linsen
Tid: 2022-05-25 10:00
Sluttid: 2022-05-25 11:00

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 17 maj 2022.