Shehr Bano Fatima och Olivia Magnusson, MPPDE

Digital twin modelling and simulations using FMU/FMI

Lösenord: 628128

Examinator: Petter Falkman, Inst för elektroteknik


In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, an increasing amount of organizations are employing virtual engineering and virtual commissioning to visualize how the physical product roll-out will be. The complete co-simulation of a product or process often involves many entities, with each of them working using a different tool and/or generating a different file format. In turn, teams have to convert models into a common file format which poses a risk of loss or distortion of data. Moreover, the intellectual property infringement concerns greatly limit the exchange of detailed behavioral models between suppliers and ordinary equipment manufacturers. The result then is a co-simulation model with low accuracy, colliding parts and errors, thereby incurring additional time and cost efforts to the organization.

Functional mockup interface (FMI) is a standard file format which has a potential to solve these problems. It enables inter-operability between different software tools and protect intellectual property. This thesis is focused on investigating if FMI standard could enable faster and smoother virtual commissioning of the production systems at Volvo Group Trucks. To test and demonstrate this approach, a physical and a virtual model of a 3-axis portal robot system were created. The virtual model was then compared to the physical robot in order to measure its relative accuracy. The thesis also investigated the need and opportunities associated with the use of FMI within Volvo Group Trucks for which a series of interviews and surveys were conducted with internal and external partners.

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Plats: Webseminarium
Tid: 2021-06-11 08:00
Sluttid: 2021-06-11 09:00

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 25 maj 2021.