Andrea Nygren, MPBME

​Design of head applicator for hyperthermia treatment

​Examinator: Andreas Fhager, Inst för elektroteknik
Handledare: Hana Dobsìcek Trefnà, Inst för elektroteknik
Opponenter: Carl Rosengren och Linus Lagergren


Head and neck cancer is the sixth leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. The survival and relapse rates for this disease are somber, indicating a need to improve the current treatment methods. Studies have shown that combining radio- and chemotherapy with hyperthermia significantly increases treatment outcome. The project aims to develop a head applicator for hyperthermia treatment, including design of a water bolus. The standard solution of a water-filled plastic bag was compared to a novel hydrogel-based bolus. The cooling ability of the boli was evaluated experimentally through studying the temperature change over time with and without an external heat source (a microwave antenna). The boli and material types for the waterbag were evaluated using Kesselring matrices. The results indicate that a waterbag-type bolus is the most efficient. The material determined most appropriate was latex spray. Due to the complex geometry of the head, two boli should be used simultaneously: one smaller around the neck and a wider one covering the neck bolus and the head of the patient. The applicator will have two rings of 8 antennas, working at frequencies from 430-900 MHz. The antenna positions can be adjusted using motors and the exact position of the applicator can set using a positioning machine. Patient movement is minimised during treatment using a vacuum bag. The head applicator frame is made of two large plastic plates, held together by 3D printed pins and screws. The back of the neck has no antennas, making room for a head support and for antenna wires and cooling tubes to exit the applicator. The proposed head applicator requires more work before implementation but is a good starting point for what in the close future can be brought to clinical use.

Kategori Studentarbete
Plats: E2 Blå rummet (rum 3340), Hörsalsvägen 11, plan 3
Tid: 2020-01-22 10:00
Sluttid: 2020-01-22 11:00

Publicerad: må 20 jan 2020.