Amelia Bowlin och Sara Akbari, Elektroteknik

​Titel: Can you replicate human skin properties using artificial materials for bone conduction testing?

Students: Amelia Bowlin and Sara Akbari, MPBME
Examiner: Sabine Reinfeldt, E2
Supervisor: Henrik Fyrlund, Cochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB
Today, new advancements in hearing implants have made the calibration and testing process challenging. Some hearing implants are placed under the skin and others are on top of the skin. A new method for pre-clinical testing is needed which represents both the human skull and human skin properties. This thesis focused on finding an artificial material which replicates the human skin. For the materials to be considered as a replica of the human skin, the material must match or closely resemble the human skin mechanical point impedance and attenuation.
This paper focused on finding a material which matched the human mechanical point impedance and attenuation using the "head simulator" model build by Cochlear as the foundation. The model was a 3D printed skull filled with an artificial brain surrogate, which matches the human skull properties but with a slight shift in frequency. The artificial skin materials were placed on the skull and a softband was wrapped around the skull with the material. The mechanical point impedance was measured via an impedance head, audio analyzer, and actuator connected to the softband. Another head simulator model which was a yellow ball filled with an artificial brain surrogate, was used to measure the attenuation. The attenuation was measured using an actuator and an audio analyzer attached to the softband.
The materials consisted of 30 different types of silicon, rubber, or silicone-rubber. The different materials tested were provided by Cochlear, purchased from a make-up artist, donated by rubber manufactures, and common household items. In the end, after various testing on all the materials, one material, a silicone, matched the human skin mechanical point impedance and attenuation almost perfectly.

Amelia Bowlin and Sara Akbari
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