Wernstedt Sketch Prize Jury '15

​Wernstedt ’15 Student Competition ‘AUDITORIUM Chalmers 2020’: 1st Prize to Stina Nyberg & Viktor Stansvik. Motto : WELCOME TO OUR VALLEY. Prize: 8000 SEK


Motivation of the prize jury:

"A most mature architectural design that responds perfectly to the brief as an invigorating academic scene of exchange. The moderate proportions introduce a modest but definitely different and somewhat mysterious architectural language in the context, however with preserved respect for the existing with a tonality that strikes a new and refreshing cord. The entrance clearly relates to former buildings and makes the service road a part of the pedestrian square. The undulations in both plan and section supports an organic and natural movement pattern with great dignity towards a wellproportioned auditorium where you sit comfortably with the rocks at your back and with eyes directed towards the Chalmers Square. A side window discloses the rich natural surrounding as an important point of orientation and source of light. If there is any doubt that the difficult site can exploited for this purpose this project proves it wrong – apparently it is very possible."
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Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 08 feb 2018.