Olle Johnsson winner in the Wernstedt Student Competition 2018

Final Assessment ‘Raising the Future – Kindergarten in Slottsskogen’.

Motivation of the prize jury:

1st Prize

Motto : GROW!

Author : Olle Johnsson, Student MPARC Prize: 7000 SEK

"GROW! proposes a tower of 10 stories, with an elevator core, a wooden middle wall, all wrapped with a glass envelope. The proposal has several merits for which it is rewarded with the first price. Its small footprint consumes minimal green area in the sensitive plot and its height relates successfully to the surrounding building scale. It also has a clear idea that is equally clearly followed up with this proposal. The jury also believes in the qualities that the outer communication space can offer the children."

Shared 2nd Prize

Motto: DADA

Author : Kalle Hellmark, Student MPARC Prize: 4000 SEK
"DADA proposes a clean cut volume with a central linear core of servant spaces and two adjacent served spaces (the use the language of Kahn) for the day to day activities. The proposal is chosen as a shared second price for its playful and suggestive interior spaces that can be arranged in the illustrated way but also in alternative ways, illustrating the flexibility of un-programmed spaces."

Shared 2nd Prize


Author : Johan Karlefeldt, Student MPARC Prize: 4000 SEK
"AMONG GIANTS alludes to the so called Raumplan of Loos, with its simple cubic exterior volume that is programmed with a more complex 3-dimensional space plan or Raumplan. The jury believes that this concept would create a rich interior environment for a Kindergarten. The proposal would however benefit from a more elaborate presentation."

Mention 1

Author: Carl Jarneving, Student MPARC
"LET THEM LEARN SUSTAINABILITY proposes an architecture that in itself is educative and that shall foster an awareness for sustainability. The jury finds the ambition to let the building itself be a pedagogical instrument convincing. It also finds the plan well crafted. The missing 2nd floor plan makes it however hard to envision the whole project."

Mention 2

Author : Ziyu Zhao, Student MPARC
"THE ATTIC is a throughout, well-crafted proposal with a functional ground floor and an indoor playground in the attic as an extra. THE ATTIC was chosen mainly for its second floor - the attic - a space that would provide the Kindergarten with rich and highly functional spaces. The proposal would benefit from further exterior elaboration."

Mention 3

Author : David Fjällström, Student MPARC
"HIDING IN PUBLIC proposes a building with two enclosed court yards and more closed outer facades. On top is a roof landscape that serves as a playground. The proposal is chosen for its conceptual strength and inner logic and for its uncompromising design. The closed and rather high facades could possibly be easier to handle if the whole building was sunken into the ground a few meters."

Melchior Wernstedt Student Competition Prize Jury '18
Gert Wingårdh, president of the jury
Emma Jonsteg, external member of the jury
Mikael Frej, member of the jury nominated by the local association of Swedish Architects, SAVG
Sten Gromark, secretary to the jury, ARK153 cours examiner MPARC Architectural Competitions '18

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