Sanjay Somanath - Byggnadsteknologi

​Towards digitalisation of urban social sustainability

​Examinator: Professor, Holger Wallbaum, Byggnadsteknologi, ACE, Chalmers

Huvudhandledare: Bitr. professor, Liane Thuvander, Arkitekturens teori och metod, ACE, Chalmers

Diskussionsledare: Professor, Georg Vrachliotis, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, Nederländerna



Plats: Sal EB, EDIT-huset, Hörsalsvägen 11, Chalmers


Lösenord: 111000



The primary goal of the built environment is to create the infrastructure that facilitates the needs of the people that use them and elevate their quality of life. Sustainable development has encouraged architects and urban planners to be more sensitive toward the built environment's economic, environmental, and social dimensions. Digital tools for performance assessment are commonly used to shorten the feedback loop in testing designs for buildings and neighbourhoods. However, these tools do not extend to the social dimension in the same way as the economic and environmental dimensions.
This thesis aims to contribute to USS research and bridge the gap between theory and practice through digitalisation. It investigates USS in general and explores how it can be conceptualised and made operational to support architects and urban planners in their design process. The focus is on digital tools and how they can be integrated into the current architectural and urban design process.
The findings of this thesis contribute to a better understanding of USS and how to operationalise it for architects and urban planners through indicators. To further advance the integration of USS into the design process of neighbourhoods, digital tools must focus on enhancing social equity in the built environment. Finally, it identifies the indicators, methods and future pathways to advance the design of socially sustainable neighbourhoods through digitalisation.
Kategori Licentiatseminarium
Plats: EB, lecture hall, Hörsalsvägen 11, EDIT trappa C, D och H samt Zoom
Tid: 2022-06-03 10:00
Sluttid: 2022-06-03 13:00

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 18 maj 2022.