Data fusion

​BIGDATA@chalmers project: Data fusion in Urban modeling and Visualisation

This is an interdisciplinary pilot project on urban modeling and data visualisation, involving geo-visualisation, architecture and urban planning, transportation and logistics, applied acoustics, interaction design, and computer graphics. It is a new collaboration between research teams from the departments of Architecture, Applied Information Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Technology Management and Economics. The teams are all connected to Visual Arena Research (VAR). The involved Areas of Advance are Built environment, Transport and ICT. We will collaborate to understand how to improve the existing, different models, and formulate future research. The vision for future research is to fuse together heterogeneous data – to gather data sets on different aspects of urban life; aggregate and visualize them for big data visual-based analysis. This presents significant data handling, information visualisation, and interaction challenges. The core of this pilot pilot project is to bring different expertise together and explore various representations of geo-referenced heterogeneous urban data in 2D and 3D city models.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: to 13 apr 2017.