Rights and obligations

Policy documents for education

For preparatory, first and second cycle education at Chalmers, there are several policy documents regulating how education is to be carried out and which rights and responsibilities students have at Chalmers.

The Regulation for claiming your study place

At Chalmers, you must take full responsibility for your study situation from the first semester of a new degree programme. You must be an active student and have knowledge of the terms and conditions that apply to claim your study place. If you do not fulfill the terms and conditions, then your study place may be revoked.

Admission regulations

Rules for application, entry requirements and selection methods for admissions to foundation year, first and second cycle (bachelor’s and master’s level) and continuing professional development, are stipulated in these admission regulations.

Cheating and disciplinary matters

As a student, you must follow the rules of the university. This means, among other things, that cheating, or disrupting teaching or exams may lead to disciplinary action. Such a measure may be a warning or suspension. Suspicions are investigated by Chalmers’ Disciplinary Committee.

Insurance for students

All students are covered by a personal injury insurance policy through Chalmers’ agreement with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Students may also be covered by other insurance depending on their student status. For comprehensive insurance coverage, you must have accident insurance to cover other eventualities/leisure pastimes, as well as home insurance.

Academic integrity and honesty

To study is to turn the knowledge of others in to your own knowledge. But how do I go about showing that I have gained the understanding and ability to use others knowledge in my own reasoning?