Collecting your marked examination

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Once the examiner has marked your examination paper and the results have been reported in Ladok, you can collect the paper from the department that ran the course.

Collecting your marked examination paper

Some departments have a student reception with opening hours, others will refer you to the student administrator, the examiner or teacher to arrange a time for collection. Please find information about the procedure for each department below.

You need to prepare the following for smoothest handling:

  • name and personal identity number
  • valid ID card when collecting
  • date and the period of the examination
  • course code

Collection through a representative
If a representative is collecting your paper, they must have your written authorisation, identify themselves and sign to state that they have received the paper.

Scanned examination papers
Some exams are scanned. If this is the case, your marked exam paper will be sent to the email address you registered in Ladok.

Old examination papers
Collect a copy of a written examinations papers.

Student reception and administration

Campus maps: Interactive map service
Campus maps: Interactive map serviceMap service with information about premises, departments, Chalmers library, student services and restaurants.

Contacts for each programme

Each programme has a management team consisting of:A Director of the Master's programmeA Director of studiesA Student guidance counsellor Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.