Organisation and social environment at work

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Our efforts with the organisational and social environment at work deal with how you feel as a student and how you find your study situation. Under Sweden’s Work Environment Act and its regulations, Chalmers’ duties include examining the terms and conditions of your course. This includes participation, distribution of tasks and resources, workload, social interaction, cooperation, and social support from other students and teachers.

It also includes equal rights and gender equality issues. Chalmers’ fundamental values – quality, openness, participation, respect, and diversity – permeate all its work. An equitable and equal work environment is essential if Chalmers is to be a good study environment and develop as a university.

Annual inspections

To monitor and improve the social environment at work, an annual inspection of the organisational and social environment at work is conducted for each bachelor’s programme and their associated master’s programmes. Our consultations are based on a checklist covering important areas from the Work Environment Act and Discrimination Act. Participants in the inspection are the programme director, student safety representatives (SAMO), student guidance counsellors, and other relevant programme participants. The Chalmers Equality Coordinator participates in a supporting role.
The inspection examines the following aspects affecting the organisational and social environment at work and how they may pose a work environment risk.

Admission and recriutment

  • Composition of the student population
  • Discrimination in recruitment and admission

The student social environment

  • Destructive attitudes that negatively affect the student social environment
  • Social support
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Alcohol culture

Forms of teaching and organisation of courses

  • Workload and resilience
  • Significance of studies
  • Opportunities for influence

Examinations and assessments

  • Study commitment
  • Fair assessment
  • Feedback

Studies and parenting

  • Difficulties combining parenting with studies

Annual survey - Student Barometer

Each year, the University, in partnership with the Student Union, conducts a survey of students’ academic and work environment called the Student Barometer. This survey is conducted so that the University can gain a better understanding of how you perceive your course, your academic life, and your everyday life. It forms an important basis for managing the organisational and social environment at work and the University’s inspections.

The Student Barometer allows you to tell us anonymously how you are faring and how you perceive your study environment. The Student Barometer is sent out by email at the beginning of the spring semester.