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On this page you will find questions and answers about the course selection. You will find general information about course selection on the page Select courses. It is also important that you are oriented on any specific course selection information shared by your programme. 

Select courses

In most programmes at Chalmers, you can make one or several course selections. The programme overview defines if and when this applies in your programme. You are responsible for selecting courses that contribute to fulfilling the degree requirements for your programme. Make sure to be oriented on the information on this page and any specific course selection information shared by your programme.

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If you don’t see your programme’s courses at

Students studying at regular pace have automatic access to making a course selection in the study periods when they need to. 

Contact the student guidance counsellor or the director of studies for your programme to get access to making a course selection if you don’t see your programme’s elective courses at  

You find a link to contact information at the bottom of this page. 

If you have technical issues at

Please use our contact form. 

Contact form

This contact form is mainly for reporting technical problems making your course selection at

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What applies for me?

I am: A tuition fee-paying student or a Double Degree student. 

Make a course selection at according to the same procedure as other students in your programme. 


I have an individual study plan 

Contact your student guidance counsellor for more information about how to select courses. 


I am an incoming exchange student 

Contact your exchange coordinator. Contact information here. 


I am a doctoral student 

You should not do your course selection at Make your course selection according to regular routines at your department. 


I am suspended. Can I make a course selection? 

Yes, you make your course selection just as usual. 

Select courses

Does it matter when I apply during the course selection? 

No, during the regular application round it does not matter as long as it is on time. During late application period, on the other hand, allocation is made by first come-first served per application day (time of day does not matter). 


Do I have access to all courses at Chalmers at 

No. The courses you can apply for depend on the programme you are studying. 


Can I select courses that extend over several study periods? 

Yes. You select these courses in the course selection round for the study period in which the course starts. 


How can I apply to take extra courses/study more than full time? 

Select the extra course during the period for late applications. 


I have previously been registered on a course and want to retake it, should I select it again in the course selection? 

No, if you previously have been registered on a course, you must reregister on the course in Ladok during the registration period. Note that an early withdrawal from course is the same as withdrawal from registration, so if you have an early withdrawal you need to select the course again. 


I have previously studied at Chalmers, but I do not have an active CID- account. How do I make a course selection? 

You can use your login credentials from your account to access both and Ladok to make your course selection and register for your courses. Once registered in Ladok your CID will be reactivated. 


I only see courses in Swedish/English? 

All courses on have their Swedish name, including second cycle courses. At, all courses will be visible with their English name, including first cycle courses. 


How do I know if a course has a limited number of seats/unlimited seats? 

For a course with limited number of seats “Maximum participants” is stated in the syllabus. If this is not stated the course has unlimited seats. 

Find course and programme syllabi


I am a master’s student and selecting courses that are going to be included as elective courses in my master’s degree. Which courses can I select? 

Courses that are going to be included as elective courses in the master’s degree: 

  • Must be courses at university level (but may be first cycle/bachelor level courses) 
  • May be in another main field of study than the master’s programme 
  • Must not overlap in terms of content with other courses that are to be included in your Master’s degree or with courses that are included in your Bachelor’s degree 
  • Must not have been grounds for admission to the master’s programme (or overlap with courses that were) 


I am studying at second cycle level (master level), can I select first cycle courses?

Yes, but courses given in Swedish will require Swedish 3-qualification. 

Admission, reserve list and withdrawal

Why haven't I received notification of results? 

Check that you have correct email address at Remember to check your spam folder as well. 


I did not get courses for full-time studies/I did not get all my selected courses. What do I do? 

In the late application period, you can select additional courses. 


I am on a reserve list, when will I know if I can have a place in the course? 

If places become available students are admitted from the waiting lists on an ongoing basis from the date for notification of selection results, but no later than the last day for registration. 


How and when can I withdraw from course? 

Please withdraw from a course as soon as you know that you will not take it so that students that are on reserve lists can have the place instead and so that teachers get a correct list of students in the course. How to withdraw: 

  • Withdraw in Ladok by clicking Show more by the course in question and selecting I no longer wish to attend. 
  • Withdraw at by clicking the option I wish to decline this place, next to the course. 

Note! If you withdraw close to the start of the course, it will no longer be possible to withdraw at – then it is sufficient to withdraw in Ladok. 

Late application and re-application

I have filled all my selection options but need to add courses in late application. What should I do? 

Please use our contact form. 

Contact form for course selection


Will I be able to reprioritize courses in a late application? 

No, the priority cannot be changed in late application.  


How do I reapply for a course? 

Read more about how to reapply for courses here. 


Can I be admitted to more than full-time studies in late application period? 

The late application period has no admission limit – if there are places available in the courses you may be admitted to all courses you apply for in the late application period. Make sure that you are only admitted to the courses you will participate in. Remember to withdraw in Ladok from courses you are not going to attend in order not to take up places for other students. 

Contact information for your programme

Do you have questions regarding your studies?

Here you can find contact information for the Director of the Master's programme, the Director of studies and the Student guidance counsellor.

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