Admission regulations

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Rules for application, entry requirements and selection methods for admissions to foundation year, first and second cycle (bachelor’s and master’s level) and continuing professional development, are stipulated in these admission regulations.

The upcoming academic year’s admission regulations are established on the date as stated but are applicable only for prospective students. These regulations are only applicable to those applicants who apply to a programme alternative with a starting date under the academic year that is stated in the regulations.

Access to third-cycle courses /doctoral programmes and contract education are not covered by these regulations.

Admission regulations for two academic years (the current and upcoming versions) are published at for easy comparison. Admission regulations are established and applicable when the range of courses and programmes are published at To ensure both the current and prospective student has access to a valid version of admission regulations, admission regulations for two academic years are published in parallel.

The official language of communication at Chalmers is Swedish and this English version is merely a translation. In the event of differences/discrepancies between the admission regulations in Swedish and the English translation version, the approved admission regulations in Swedish shall take precedence.

Academic year 2024/25

Academic year 2023/24

The local admission round to master’s programmes (Chalmersvalet)

Admission regulations for second cycle (master’s level) apply to all applicants. A complementary document known as Course Codes, Accreditations and Priority (Guaranteed Study Places) for the Local Admission Round to Master’s Programmes (Chalmersvalet) includes specific course requirements to second cycle education (master’s programmes) that are translated as Chalmers’ course codes and information on which programmes that give priority for a student from first cycle education (bachelor’s level) at Chalmers.

Another complementary document known as Matrix is An Overview of Accreditations and Priority (Guaranteed Study Places) that summarises all the accreditations in a clearer way.

Both documents are in Swedish, the target group is student from first cycle education This information is only available in Swedish.

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