Insurance for students

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All students are covered by a personal injury insurance policy through Chalmers’ agreement with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Students may also be covered by other insurance depending on their student status. For comprehensive insurance coverage, you must have accident insurance to cover other eventualities/leisure pastimes, as well as home insurance.

Kammarkollegiet is a Swedish public agency that provides different types of insurance policies for students in higher education. The rules may differ depending on your citizenship and whether you are an exchange student or, say, a fee-paying student.

Please make sure that your insurance company is aware of your stay in Sweden. As policies on accident, medical and property insurance vary from one country to another, you are advised to find out what applies in your case.

Personal injury insurance for all students

The personal injury insurance provides basic protection, covering personal injury due to an accident and certain illnesses caused by infection. You are covered during school hours and while travelling directly between your place of residence and the university. However, very specific definitions apply.
Further information about personal injury insurance from Kammarkollegiet

Supplementary health insurance

How to submit a claim

  1. If you are injured, you must submit a claim to receive compensation. Each type of insurance has a unique injury report form and it is important to use the correct one.
    These forms are available from the Kammarkollegiet website.

  2. Complete the form and e-mail it to to get it signed and stamped.

  3. Send the signed and stamped form to Kammarkollegiet. Your claim will be examined by Kammarkollegiet.

Insurance certificate

Sometimes, you may need to prove what type of insurance you have. For example, if going on a trip as part of a course. The certificate is not relevant to students doing their internship in Sweden or abroad.
Fill out the top section of the PDF insurance certificate below and e-mail it to: to get it signed and stamped. You must have the completed insurance certificate with you at all times when travelling.