When you return home from your exchange

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Welcome back to Chalmers! We hope you had a great experience studying abroad. There are several things you need to do to finalise your exchange. On this page you will find information about transfer of credits and how to write your travel report.  

Transfer of credits

It is important to get your credits transferred when you finish your exchange. Be sure to obtain an original transcript of records in English. Many of our partner universities now issue grades electronically. In that case, it is important for the transcript of records to be verifiable, or be sent via the coordinator (or directly) to your director of studies. Your director of studies looks after the transfer of credits and ensures that it is registered in Ladok.

About transferring of credits

As a student who has studied at a Swedish or foreign institution, you can apply to have some of your education credited towards your degree.

Travel report

All students participating in Chalmers’ exchange programme must write a travel report (in English) after completing their exchange. There is an exemption from this for students on exchange in Taiwan who ran the Asia Magazine.

Students who have been on exchange for a whole year or just the spring semester must submit their report in MoveOn no later than 10 September. Students who have been on exchange during the autumn semester must submit their report in MoveOn no later than 1 March. The travel report will be published in the Search Portal and may be very helpful to future students.

Your travel report must incorporate the following aspects and be submitted electronically by filling in the “Travel Report” form in the MoveOn portal.