Code of Conduct for students

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At Chalmers, we are each other's work environment and we are all expected to contribute to a good study and work atmosphere. We do not tolerate offensive or discriminatory behaviour and we stick to academic integrity. To clarify how all individuals at Chalmers are expected to live up to our values and have a responsibility regarding the community, Chalmers has a Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct says:

  • I take responsibility for being aware of and complying with Swedish legislation and Chalmers internal rules and guiding principles related to my studies.

  • I am aware that all of us who study and work at Chalmers are each other’s study and work environment, and that I am therefore expected to contribute to maintaining a good working atmosphere. I treat other students and employees with respect, and when interacting with others approach them professionally.

  • I contribute to Chalmers being a higher education institution that is free from harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying behaviours. I notify my head of programme (PA), study counsellor or student safety representative (SAMO) if I am aware or become aware of any form of discrimination or harassment occurring. I can also contact Safe at Chalmers.

  • I act with academic integrity in my studies. This means that I do not participate in fraud, plagiarism or other unethical acts in connection with examinations, written assignments or project work. If I am uncertain about what constitutes academic integrity, I seek guidance from my teachers, examiners, or study counsellor.

  • I am aware that behaviours and acts that violate Swedish law, or Chalmers internal rules or guiding principles, may have disciplinary consequences.