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Once you have completed your studies, you can apply for a degree. Your degree shows that you have completed a specific course of study or that you have studied a particular subject to a certain level. Often a degree is a prerequisite for further study or helpful when looking for a job.

Before you apply

You are welcome to apply for your certificate once you have completed your studies and your papers are in order. The Student Union fees must be paid and your contact details updated. Select your degrees and specify your course preferences when you log in to apply. It can take around eight weeks for you to receive your degree certificate, which will be sent to your home by post. It costs nothing to apply for your degree.

Everything must be ready

For the processing of your degree application to go smoothly, it is important for the application to be complete. It is only then that processing begins. So, make sure that your contact details and results are correct, that course changes and credit transfers are approved, and that Student Union fees have been paid before you apply for the degree.

The courses and degree projects to be included in your degree must be reported with a final grade. If any result is missing or incorrect, please contact the department. You can see your results in Ladok.

You can also get an overview of how your studies meet the degree requirements in The road to my degree – MEX:

MEX: The road to my degree
MEX: The road to my degreeFollow the programme plan, see your study results and apply for credit transfer of entire course.

Course changes and credit transfers

If you want to take courses other than those included in the syllabus for your programme, your director of studies must approve an exemption. The same applies to credit transfers of studies from other higher education institutions.

You can apply for credit transfers from page Transferring credits. Once the credits have been transferred, you can view them in Ladok or MEX. Read about what can be included in the degree

Compulsory students’ union membership

It’s compulsory to be a member of the students’ union when you are a student at Chalmers, and all the semesters that you study you need to pay a fee. This also applies for doctoral students. When you apply for a degree, an automatic check takes place. You may receive a message to contact the Student Union office (Kårservice) if something is unclear or any fee unpaid. If you can complete your application, everything is ready with the Student Union.

Correct contact details

For your name and personal identity number to be correct on your degree certificate, you must check that the correct details are in Ladok. This includes the postal and email address to be used to send the certificate and if we need to contact you. Your degree certificate will be sent to the address given in Ladok. If you do not want it to be sent to your registered address, you will need to provide another address. Remember that your name should be on the door/postbox unless a c/o address is used.

How is my name written on the certificate?

Update contacts in Ladok

Apply for a degree

When you apply, you select your degree from a list. The name of your programme will help you to decide which degree to select. If there’s something to consider specifically for your application, you can find it under the headings below.

Select elective courses

If you have collected more credits than are needed to meet the degree requirements, you can choose which elective courses you want to include by marking those courses when you apply. We accommodate requests as far as possible once degree requirements are met. If you do not have any particular requests, you do not need to tick the course selection box. You can continue with your application without ticking off any courses. Your degree will only include as many credits as are required.

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Degree application

Once the application has been processed and the degree has been awarded, the degree certificate will be sent to you.

No CID for logging in?

If you no longer have an active Chalmers ID but have a Swedish personal identity number, you can log in with an eduID instead. Create an eduID.

Without an active CID or Swedish personal identity number to create an eduID, it is not possible to submit a digital application. If that is your situation, please contact the Office of Degrees. Write “Degree application” in the subject line and provide your name, personal identity number, contact details and current address. Please also indicate which degree(s) you are applying for.

If you cannot apply digitally, you also need to email the Chalmers Student Union so that they can check that you have paid your fees. Before the Office of Degrees can upload an application, we must receive confirmation from the Student Union that your fees have been paid. During the summer, when the Office of Degrees and the Student Union office are closed, it may take some time for you to receive a reply.

After you have applied

Be patient!

Once we have received your application, the review process will begin. Then all you can do is wait! If anything is unclear or needs to be supplemented, we will contact you by email or by phone. Sometimes we contact your director of studies or study counsellor directly to clear up any issues. And within a few weeks, your degree certificate will be issued and sent home to you by post. So, you do not need to contact us after you have submitted your application.

When you’ve received your degree certificate, check that everything is correct. Please note that we are not able to adjust layout of transferred course credits. If you have questions about your degree certificate, please contact the office of degrees.

Celebrate your degree!

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