Work placements and international experience

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Photo: Chalmers student William Jörnelius.

The alliances and networks of which Chalmers is part provide other opportunities to gain international experience in addition to the Erasmus+ and Global exchange programmes. For example, through work placements (internships/traineeships), summer schools or double degrees. These enable students to gain international experience and broaden their skills.


Several European technical universities cooperate in the Enhance alliance, the European Universities of Technology Alliance, which was is an alliance within in the European Universities initiative. The aim is an in-depth collaboration with integrated solutions so that students and employees can use the entire alliance's combined range and resources. It is a long-term collaboration that is run in project form for periods of several years.

Enhance website

UNITECH International – a unique exchange programme with internships

UNITECH includes an exchange at a university, a work placement at a leading company and personal development in managerial skills. This programme is open to students enrolled in year 3 of an MSc in Engineering programme. Participation in the programme takes place during year 4. The programme provides a management dimension and a unique opportunity to learn how to work in a borderless Europe. The network includes eight prominent European universities and a number of European companies with offices around the world.

IDEA League - network

The IDEA League is a network comprising five leading European universities of science and technology. The members of the network are TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, Politecnico di Milano and Chalmers. The universities collaborate in education, research and innovation. They continuously learn from and refer to one another and share experiences
Idea League website

Traineeships via Erasmus+

You can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant as a student at Chalmers when you intend to work in a company, organisation or research centre in Europe (except Switzerland and UK). To be eligible for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant, the duration of the placement must be at least 60 days and no more than 12 months. The grant is not comprehensive but provides a contribution to be used for expenses and other costs related to the work placement period.

Students administer this type of traineeship themselves. Remember to submit your application as far in advance as possible and no later than 30 days before the start of the traineeship. Applications can be submitted throughout the year, except between 1 July and 31 August. Please note that processing times may vary.

IAESTE – paid internships for engineers and architects 

IAESTE offers paid internships for engineers and architects in 80 countries around the world. You have the opportunity to do a summer work placement of 2–3 months, or a longer internship of six months or a year.  Iaeste's website

Link to their internship portal: 
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Double Degree

Cooperation with universities in Germany and France offers the opportunity to study for a double Master’s degree. After one year of studies at Chalmers and one year at a partner university, you will receive two Master’s degrees. An additional Master’s degree provides great benefits, for example if you want to continue working in the country where you studied.

Nordic Five Tech

You can obtain double Master’s degrees due to a well-established Nordic collaboration between Chalmers, KTH, NTNU in Norway, Aalto in Finland and DTU in Denmark – the University of Iceland is involved in a track within a programme as well. Nordic Five Tech involves one year of study at Chalmers and one year at one of the partner universities, but not at both Chalmers and KTH.

Link to the Nordic Five Tech site: