Update your contact information and personal identity number

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On this page you will find information on how to update your contact information, name and your temporary personal identity number.

Update your contact information

Update in Ladok

If you need to update your e-mail, address or phone number:

  • Log into Ladok by using your CID (Chalmers ID) or the account (eduID) you used for universityadmissions.se
  • Go to "My Pages - Contact details" to change your contact details

We recommend that you specify that you want to be contacted at an e-mail address that you read regularly.​

Ladok: Study documentation system
Ladok: Study documentation systemLadok for students is your page in Ladok where you can plan your studies.

Update at the Student Union

You also need to update your contact information at the Student Union. You can do that on their membership website:
Student Union membership website

Report a change of address in the population register

Once you have moved in order to study at Chalmers, you must be registered at the address where you live, i.e. where you sleep most nights. 

Notification of moving after you are finished with your studies

Are you an international student? Please remember to notify "Skatteverket" - the Swedish Tax Agency if you move from Sweden after completing your studies.

Skatteverket (Swedish Population Register)

Use the e-service "Flyttanmälan" to report a change of address quickly and easily.

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Update name and/or temporary personal identity number

For you who have a temporary personal identity number

To update your name and/or your temporary personal identity number with your new 12-digit Swedish personal identity number, you should log in to Chalmers Service Portal - Top Desk and fill in the form.

For you who have a Swedish personal identity number

To update your name in Ladok, for example your given name, you need to change it via the Swedish Tax Agency. Your name will be automatically updated in Ladok after the name change has been approved. Note! Your given name is shown in Ladok.