Incident management

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This is how you, as a student, and Chalmers will act if you are involved in an accident, have a near-accident or suffer an occupational disease.

How to report an incident

If you are involved in or impacted by an incident (accident, near-accident or work-related ill-health), you should report to your dean of education in the event of physical incidents and to your head of programme in the event of organisational and psychosocial work environment. 

This is done by e-mail or mobile phone to your dean of education and head of programme. In case of serious incidents this should be done urgently to speed up the reporting, investigation and actions.

You should also document what happened, the course of events and the cause(s) of the incident. If possible, document the incident with a photo and save any objects that may have contributed to or caused the incident.

Liability in the event of an accident or near-accideny

Chalmers education, the dean of education and head of programme, are responsible for that near-accidents and accidents are reported, investigated and remedied according to Chalmers routine to notify and investigate ill-health, accidents and near-misses. Relevant Samo (student work environment ombud) should be informed about what has  happened to be able to participate in the investigation of the incident. At this time, a notification is done to the Social Insurance Office and Swedish Work Environment Authority by the the dean of education and head of programme, depending on what type of incident and at what severity level.

Link to dean of education per program

Read about insurance for EU master student

All students are covered by a personal injury insurance policy through Chalmers’ agreement with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Students may also be covered by other insurance depending on their student status. For comprehensive insurance coverage, you must have accident insurance to cover other eventualities/leisure pastimes, as well as home insurance.