Withdrawal from studies, transfer of Master's programme, leave of absence

Before changing your study situation, we recommend that you contact your programme’s student guidance counsellor for guidance. Here we describe how to withdraw from studies, change programme and apply for leave of absence.

Withdrawal from programme studies

If you are in doubt, please contact your student guidance counsellor first. If you decide to withdraw from programme studies you should contact your programme study guidance counsellor, who will administrate the termination of your studies in Ladok.
Contact details for student guidance

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Decline or withdraw from course

Before the online registration in Ladok at Chalmers

If you have been admitted to or placed on the waiting list for a course but decide not to attend, it is important that you decline the offer. This may allow others to take the place.

If you have not completed the online registration process in Ladok, you can decline your offer via your account at universityadmissions.se. This does not affect your ability to apply to Chalmers in the future.

After the online registration

Once you have registered for a course in Ladok you must make the withdrawal under "Participation on the course" in Ladok.

Ladok: Study documentation system
Ladok: Study documentation systemLadok for students is your page in Ladok where you can plan your studies.
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Apply for a transfer of Master's programme

After being enrolled in a new Master’s programme at Chalmers, you can apply to change to another programme during your first semester (the autumn semester of year one).

You may apply between 1-10 October via the form published at this webpage only. Late applications will not be considered.

You should have had a meeting with your current student guidance counsellor before applying for a program change.

You cannot apply during this time period as a student enrolled in year 2 of the Master's programme. You are always welcome to apply for a new Master’s programme via universityadmissions.se.

Form - Transfer of Master's programme

The form is published between 1-10 October yearly.

  • Select your programme.
  • Only submit the form once.

Link to the form  (the link works only between 1-10 October) 

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Approved leave of absence from studies

Leave of absence is granted by the university for a full semester or a year at a time and means that you take a break from your studies. If you take leave of absence, you retain your place on the programme. When you start studying again, you continue according to your original programme plan, provided that the programme has not been changed and you meet the qualifications for future courses.

Applying for leave of absence

Apply for leave of absence before the start of the semester by completing the Leave of absence form further below. When you click ‘Submit’, the form is sent to the student guidance counsellor on your programme, who decides whether to grant leave of absence. If your application is approved, the leave of absence is registered in Ladok, and you are notified via the email you have entered. If your application is rejected, you receive an email explaining the reasons for the decision. If you need to extend your leave of absence, you make a new application.

You can contact your student guidance counsellor to discuss what the leave of absence may mean for your studies. This is particularly important if you are taking leave of absence for a semester, or if you are not up to speed with your studies, as courses are usually only offered once an academic year and most courses have qualification requirements that must be met.

Residence Permit

If you hold a residence permit for studies, ask the Swedish Migration Agency which rules applies when having a leave of absence from your studies.

Tuition fees

If you are a tuition fee paying student and is granted leave of absence from studies, it is important that you forward the decision to tuitionfees@chalmers.se. Otherwise you will be invoiced for the upcoming semester.

Form - Apply for leave of absence from studies

Both first name and surname
Enter your personal identity number or interim identity number, 12 digits (YYYYMMDDNNNN)
Specify as S24, A24, S25, etc.
Number of semesters Obligatoriskt fält*
Information submitted here will be processed by Chalmers to administer this issue. Read more about processing of personal data at www.chalmers.se/personaldata.