Study and work environment

At Chalmers, no student or employee should be at risk of ill health or injury due to their work environment.

Organisation and social environment at work

Our efforts with the organisational and social environment at work deal with how you feel as a student and how you find your study situation. Under Sweden’s Work Environment Act and its regulations, Chalmers’ duties include examining the terms and conditions of your course. This includes participation, distribution of tasks and resources, workload, social interaction, cooperation, and social support from other students and teachers.

Insurance for students

Master students from any EU/EES country are covered by the Chalmers insurance policy through Chalmers' agreement with Kammarkollegiet.

Physical work environment

Your physical work environment consists mainly of the premises you are in and the equipment that needs to be used there. This means that, depending on what you are studying, you will be exposed to different physical risks. For example, if you have to do a considerable amount of lab work, the risks are greater than for students who mostly attend lectures and do group work.

Incident management

This is how you, as a student, and Chalmers will act if you are involved in an accident, have a near-accident or suffer an occupational disease.

Systematic work environment management

The basis for Chalmers’ systematic work environment management is the work environment policy that the university’s President has decided on. It is in place because Chalmers wants you to feel good about your studies, feel safe and not be exposed to risks. The work environment is about physical, organisational and social (psychosocial) aspects that you are exposed to in your studies. As an employer and higher education provider, Chalmers is obliged to comply with legislation and regulations relating to the work environment for both students and employees.