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Every master’s programme concludes with a thesis. The overall goal of this final degree project (an important part of the educational programme), is for candidates to display the knowledge and proficiency required when working autonomously as MScs in engineering, architecture or the sciences. The master’s thesis comprises 30 credits and must be reported openly, as a written report with an oral presentation.

The learning objectives for a master’s thesis are laid out in the document linked below.

Regulations and learning objectives

Here you can read more about the regulations and learning objectives applicable for your master's thesis. Regulations and learning objectives differ depending on what education your are studying.


Chalmers regulations for master's thesis are based on the goals which have been formulated for each education in Chalmers lokala examensordning (in Swedish) and in the regulations for the master's thesis.

MSc Engineer, Master of Architecture 

Learning objectives

The overall objective for the master's thesis is that you must demonstrate knowledge and the ability required to work independently.

In the learning objectives you find valuable information that you can benefit from throughout your whole master's thesis work. You can for example read about:

  • Grade
  • Examination
  • Conditions for the master's thesis to be allowed to start up
  • Implementation
  • Examiner
  • Supervisor
  • Student responsibility

Find a master’s thesis

You most often find a master's thesis yourself in consultation with your supervisor. You can get support by your director of master's programme or by the department from where you write your master thesis.

Necessary documents

Master thesis form

To be able to start the process of your master’s thesis, you must fill out a form and have it signed by the examiner and the director of the master programme.

Link to the form and instructions on how to complete it:

Master's thesis form

After completing and signing the form, send it by email it at least four weeks before your estimated start date to:

Please note: We only accept digitally signed forms

Digital work card and signature

A digital work card containing e-publishing agreements. Create your digital work card using Adobe and submit it to the department where you completed your thesis.

Digital work card -  Master of Science and Master of Architecture

Instructions for digital signing

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