Grading system

Unless specified otherwise in the course or programme syllabus, the grade for a completed course is decided by an examiner in accordance with the common grades scale for Chalmers. A completed course is a course taken and examined resulting in a minimum grade of three or Pass.

The scale of grades is Pass or Three, Four or Five, where Five is the highest grade. A grade below Three constitutes a Fail. Some courses, such as master level degree projects, are only graded Pass or Fail.

No overall grade is given for a degree. In Sweden, criterion referenced assessment is applied, which means that students are not ranked.

Correcting grades

If there is an obvious inaccuracy in a grading decision due to typographical errors, miscalculations or similar deficiencies, examiners may change the decision both to the advantage and disadvantage of the student. Corrections which are to the disadvantage of the student must be made with great care and only in cases of clear errors. Before such corrections are made, students must be given an opportunity to comment.

This means that if the person who added up your credits in an examination has obviously miscalculated, an incorrect result has been reported or another similar mistake has been made, this can be corrected both in cases where the credits total or the grade is to be raised or lowered.

Examiners are obliged to amend an obviously incorrect grade if this can be done quickly and simply, and without lowering the grade. This means that if your answer has been graded incorrectly, the grade/credits total cannot be amended if this entails lowering the grade/credits total. An obviously incorrect assessment can therefore only be corrected if the credits total or grade is to be raised.

If you would like to correct or review your grade please use the form below and send to your examiner:

Retaking examinations to improve grades

It is possible to retake an examination to try to achieve a higher grade, in other words improve your grade, even though you have already passed the exam. You keep the highest grade. To register for an exam in a course that you have completed, log in to Ladok and use the service “Register/deregister for examinations”.

Courses can be retaken as long as the course has an examination session. If the course code has been changed and there is no longer an exam you can register for with the old course code, you cannot retake the exam. Please note that it is also not possible for you to improve your grade if the course is already included in a degree that has already been awarded.​

If your grade has not been reported, even though you have passed all course modules

A course containing several modules requires a separate submission for the whole course. This means that you may have passed all modules, but a final report on the course has not yet been made. If you have any questions about the results or the reporting of results, please contact the department providing the course.