Wellbeing during your studies

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Here, we have compiled information for you if you are a student at Chalmers and need various kinds of health-related help and support.

Student Health Service through Feelgood

If you are experiencing health problems that have been caused by your studies or other problems that affect your ability to study, you can receive support from Feelgood Gothenburg City, which is Chalmers’ Student Health Service provider. You should contact them if you need student healthcare for example counselling sessions. If your health problems are not related to your studies, you should contact healthcare providers in Sweden’s healthcare system.

If you are having difficulties determining whether your health problems have been caused by your studies, you can start by contacting Feelgood. An individual assessment will always be carried out to establish whether your health problems has been caused by your studies. You need to be prepared that you will be referred to a different care provider if your health problems are not due to your studies or if your health situation does not affect your studies. In addition, Feelgood may be able to give you some support but may also refer you to a different care provider after that for further support.

Contact a student guidance counsellor if you need help to plan your studies

If you would like help to plan your studies, you should contact the student guidance counsellor for your study programme. Feelgood does not offer help with study guidance.

Contacts for each programme

Each programme has a management team consisting of:A Director of the Master's programmeA Director of studiesA Student guidance counsellor Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Resting rooms at Chalmers

At Chalmers, you have access to four resting rooms. The rooms are only for temporary rest and should not be used for studies or if you get seriously ill. It is easily to locate the rooms with Chalmers Map​s.

Quiet reading rooms

At Chalmers there are a number of quiet reading rooms for you who need to be able to sit quietly while studying. 

It is easily to locate the rooms with Chalmers Maps.

Healthcare services in Sweden

If you have health problems that have not been caused by your study situation, you should contact healthcare services in the healthcare system. On the website 1177.se you will find information about and contact details for healthcare services.
Are you a student in Region Västra Götaland? - 1177 (information in Swedish)

Phone 112 in an emergency

Ring the emergency telephone number 112 in urgent emergency situations where there is danger to life, property or the environment. By phoning 112, you reach all of society’s help resources such as the ambulance service, the poisons information centre, the duty priest, the police, the sea rescue service and the mountain rescue service.
Sweden’s most important telephone number (sosalarm.se)

Counsellor at Chalmers

If you have problems with your emotional wellbeing and you need someone to talk to about your feelings and mental health you can always turn to the counsellor. It is better to take care of your health in time than to wait too long. Many students find themselves in unsustainable situations which is possible to overcome with the right support.

There are two counsellors at Chalmers, you can get in contact with them by sending an e-mail.

  • Katarina Krstevski 
  • Ingegerd Nilsson
Counsellor at Chalmers
Student- and education office, Chalmers operations support

University chaplain

Lars van der Heeg is a student chaplain in the Swedish Church, for students and employees at Chalmers. You can visit him for a private talk when something unforeseen has occurred in your life, or to meet on a frequent basis. Obviously, he has taken a pledge of secrecy. If you have questions on faith, weddings, baptisms and funerals, he will be pleased to share some advice.

Welcome to contact me for a private talk.

Lars van der HeegStudentpräst

Lars van der Heeg, University chaplain
E-mail: lars.vanderheeg@svenskakyrkan.se 
Phone: +46 (0)730 30 07

Visiting address: SB3-building, Sven Hultins gata 8, second floor.

Student Chaplaincy in Göteborg (The link opens in a new window) Information in Swedish only.