Rune Bernhardsson’s Graphene fund

Purpose of the fund: Grants for incoming research visits in the area of graphene and related materials.

Visiting researchers can apply for a grant for coming to Chalmers and work with projects regarding graphene and related materials.


The Grant:

Maximum SEK 60 000:- The grant can cover housing, travel and research costs but not salary, subsistence or allowance. It is the responsibility of the receiving department to make sure that the visitor is appropriately insured during his/her visit.

The visit:
The minimum duration of the visit is 3 weeks.

The host researchers at Chalmers makes the application (not the visiting researcher).

Web link to application:




15th March - 1st May 2018

20th Aug - 1st Oct 2018

The application must contain:
1. Basic data
* Project title
* Visitor’s name, title, home university/organization and CV
* Contact person and department at Chalmers
* Schedule/planned visit period
* Budget
2. Research plan (3 pages max)
* Purpose of the visit
* Expected contributions by the visiting researcher
* Benefit of the visit to Chalmers’ graphene research and/or environ-ment
* Plan for continued collaboration
3. Dissemination of results
* At least one seminar for colleagues and students

The host is required to submit a report (one page) to the foundation’s office on the results of the research visit and on the plans for a continued collaboration.

Administration of the grant: The grant is sent to the department at Chalmers where the visiting researcher is attending, the department handles the related costs from there.

History: From the Will of Rune Bernhardsson, Chalmers received 1 098 701 SEK in 2014 to be used for “research” and “environment” for the "graphene-project". Rune (1930-2014) did not atend Chalmers himself, but had a positive attitude to Chalmers and the good mood that Chalmers spread in Gothenburg by the students, the schools involvment in society and especially by the Cortège that goes through the city streets during the May Day celebration. Rune had read about the exciting new graphene material and wanted to contribute to Chalmers and this subject during his last years.



36 000 SEK, Patrik Johansson, Department of Physics.

40 000 SEK, Vincenzo Palermo, Department of Industrial and Materials Science.


40 000 SEK, Sotirios Grammatikos, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.
30 000 SEK,  Philippe Tassin, Department of Physics.


Rune Bernhardssons graphene fund is managed by the Chalmers Foundation. It is included in the co-management of the Foundation funds.


Questions about scholarships please contact:
Lillemor Kündig at the Foundation Office
tel 031-772 25 69
Address: Vera Sandbergs allé 12

Questions about the fund please contact:

Mattias Königsson at the Foundation Office
tel 031-772 26 05  


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