Licentiatseminarier på MV sedan februari 1998

​16 oktober 2020 ​Alexey Kuzmin, Matematik ​Classification of Wick algebras
​15 oktober 2020 ​Tobias Magnusson, Matematik ​Vector-valued Modular Forms - Computational Considerations
​3 juni 2020 ​Kristian Holm, Matematik ​Distributional Limit Theorems on the Space of Lattices
​3 april 2020 ​Edvin Åblad, Tillämpad matematik och matematisk statistik Mathematical Modelling for Load Balancing and Minimization of Coordinationa Losses in Multirobot Stations
​27 mars 2020 ​Barbara Schnitzer, Matematik, inriktning tillämpningar ​Modelling of cellular processes related to ageing
28 februari 2020 Jimmy Johansson, Matematik​ Polynomial interpolation and residue currents
​8 november 2019 ​Henrik Imberg, Tillämpad matematik och matematisk statistik Unequal Probability Sampling in Active Learning and Traffic Safety
​4 oktober 2019 ​João Pedro Paulos, Matematik Classical Descriptive Set Theory and some applications to Functional Analysis
​6 september 2019 ​Tobias Abenius, Matematisk statistik ​Towards Precision Medicine: Exploiting Genetic Variation in Tumours by Inferring Multitype Gene Regulatory Networks
​10 juni 2019 ​Linnea Hietala, Matematik ​A combinatorial description of certain polynomials related to the XYZ spin chain
​28 maj 2019 ​Jiacheng Xia, Matematik Vector-valued Eisenstein series of congruence types and their products
​18 april 2019 ​Antonio Trusiani, Matematik ​Multipoint Okounkov bodies
​10 april 2019 ​Carl Lundholm, Matematik Applications of Finite Element Simulation and Mixed Reality in Architecture and Built Environment
​23 november 2018 ​Felix Held, Avancerad teknisk matematik Modelling of drug-effect on time-varying biomarkers
​30 oktober 2018 ​Mattias Lennartsson, Matematik ​Residues and currents from singular forms on complex manifolds
​12 juni 2018 ​Adam Malik, Matematik ​Mathematical modelling of cell migration
​11 juni 2018 ​Milo Viviani, Matematik Symplectic methods for Hamiltonian isospectral flows and 2D incompessible Euler equations on a sphere
​30 maj 2018 ​Sandra Eriksson Barman, Matematisk statistik ​A statistical model for porous polymer films: inference and transport prediction
​5 april 2018 ​Olof Giselsson, Matematik ​Quantum Matrix Ball: Representation Theory and Maximum Principle
​18 januari 2018 ​Olof Elias, Matematisk statistik ​On properties of Brownian interlacements and Brownian excursions
​20 december 2017 ​Andreas Petersson, Matematisk statistik Computational Aspects of Lévy-Driven SPDE Approximations
​19 december 2017 ​Johannes Borgqvist, Matematik, inriktning tillämpningar ​Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Biological Processes Related to Ageing
​14 december 2017 ​Maximilian Thaller, Matematik Compact Relativistic Matter Shells with Massless and Charged Particles
​17 november 2017 ​Raad Salman, Avancerad teknisk matematik Optimizing and Approximating Algorithms for the Single and Multiple Agent Precedence Constrained Generalized Travelling Salesman Problem
​28 september 2017 ​Anders Hildeman, Matematisk statistik Spatial Mixture Models with Applications in Medical Imaging and Spatial Point Processes
​23 maj 2017 ​Medet Nursultanov, Matematik Spectra of elliptic operators and applications
​22 maj 2017 ​Mikael Borke, Matematik med inriktning utbildningsvetenskap Matematisk och pedagogisk kunskap - lärarstudenters uppfattningar av begreppen funktion och variabel
​16 maj 2017 ​Marco Longfils, Matematisk statistik Raster image analysis of diffusion via single particle methods
​25 april 2017 ​Manh Hung Tran, Matematik ​Counting rational points on genus one curves
​20 april 2017 ​Jonatan Kallus, Matematisk statistik Resampling in network modelling of high-dimensional genomic data
​2 mars 2017 ​Fanny Berglund, Biovetenskap Identification of novel antibiotic resistance genes through large-scale data analysis
​16 december 2016 ​Kristin Kirchner, Matematik Variational methods for moments of solutions to stochastic differential equations
​17 oktober 2016 ​Sebastian Jobjörnsson, Matematisk statistik Optimisation of Clinical Trials using Bayesian Decision Theory
​7 oktober 2016 ​Tim Cardilin, Avancerad teknisk matematik ​Data-driven modelling of combination therapy in oncology
​8 september 2016 ​Frida Svelander, Avancerad teknisk matematik Robust intersection of hexahedral meshes and triangle meshes with applications in finite volume methods
​7 september 2016 ​Gustav Kettil, Avancerad teknisk matematik ​A Novel Fiber Interaction Method for Simulation of Early Paper Forming
​3 juni 2016 Ivar Simonsson, Matematisk statistik Bayesian networks: exact inference and applications in forensic statistics
​27 maj 2016 ​Anna Persson, Matematik ​A generalized finite element method for linear thermoelasticity
​12 maj 2016 ​Claes Andersson, Matematisk statistik Statistical methods for early discovery of diabetic neuropathy using epidermal nerve fiber data
​12 februari 2016 ​Anna Rehammar, Matematisk statistik Statistical Assessment of somatic mutations and genomic variability using DNA sequence data
​11 februari 2016 ​Jakob Hultgren, Matematik Permanental Point Processes on Real Tori
​13 november 2015 ​​Christoffer Standar, Matematik ​On Streamline Diffusion schemes for the one and one-half Dimensional Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system
​​17 juni 2015 ​​Mariana Buongermino Pereira, Matematisk statistik

Modeling of bacterial DNA patterns important in horizontal gene transfer using stochastic grammars

​12 juni 2015 ​Svitlana Finér, Matematik ​Numerical simulations of the shape deformations of lipid vesicles in viscous fluid
​8 juni 2015 ​Cornelia Jareteg, Avancerad teknisk matematik Variation Simulation Customized for Composites by Including FEM Simulations of Orthotropic Lamina
​18 maj 2015 ​Malin Palö Forsström, Matematisk statistik ​On properties of generalizations of noise sensitivity
7 maj 2015 ​John Bondestam Malmberg, Matematik A Two-stage Numerical Procedure for an Inverse Scattering Problem
​29 april 2015 ​Elin Solberg, Avancerad teknisk matematik Simulation of Electro-Optic Modulators by a Time-Domain Beam-Propagation Method
​24 april 2015 ​Henrike Häbel, Matematisk statistik Characterization of Micro-Structures in Materials
​11 mars 2015 ​Zuzana Šabartová, Matematik Mathematical Modelling for optimization of truck tyres selection
​20 februari 2015 ​Anders Martinsson, Matematik Accessibility percolation and first-passage percolation on the hypercube
​17 december 2014 ​Viktor Jonsson, Matematisk statistik Statistical analysis of metagenomic data
​7 oktober 2014 ​Ronny Hedell, Matematisk statistik Assessing performance of PCR analysis using Bayesian modelling
​24 september 2014 ​Roza Maghsood, Matematisk statistik ​​A statistical approach for detecting driving events and evaluating their fatigue damage
​8 september 2014 ​Jacob Leander, Avancerad teknisk matematik Contributions to nonlinear mixed-effects modelling
​28 april 2014 ​Timo Hirscher, Matematik Consensus formation in the Deffuant model
​11 april 2014 ​Matteo Molteni, Matematik ​ A weak space-time formulation for the linear stochastic heat equation
​16 december 2013 ​Dmitrii Zhelezov, Matematik Three applications of graph-theoretic methods
​20 november 2013 ​Helena Johansson, Matematik/naturvetenskap Mathematical Reasoning in Physics Tests - Requirements, Relations, Dependence
​18 oktober 2013 ​Fredrik Boulund, Biovetenskap Analysis of large-scale metagenomic data
​30 augusti 2013 ​Dawan Mustafa, Matematik ​Propagation of Chaos for the Thermostated Kac Master Equation
​18 juni 2013 ​Magnus Önnheim, Matematik Optimization of maintenance planning for multi-component systems, and primal-dual convergence characterizations in convex optimization
​29 maj 2013 ​José Sánchez, Matematisk statistik Comparative network analysis of human cancer: sparse graphical models with modular constraints and sample size correction
​8 maj 2013 ​Jonas Alm, Matematisk statistik Risk aggregation in insurance
​19 april 2013 ​Peter Helgesson, Matematik The N-Player War of Attrition in the Limit of Infinitely Many Players
​22 mars 2013 ​Emil Gustavsson, Matematik Contributions to subgradient optimization and maintenance scheduling
21 mars 2013 ​Mahdi Hormozi, Matematik Topics in Function Spaces and Multilinear Algebra
​13 juni 2012 ​Oskar Hamlet, Matematik ​Tight maps, a classification
31 maj 2012 Anton Muratov, Matematisk statistik Stochastic systems with locally defined dynamics: convergence and limiting properties
10 april 2012 Anna Rudvik, Matematisk statistik Dependence Structures in Stable Mixture Models with an Application to Extreme Precipitation
15 mars 2012 Erik Lorentzen, Matematisk statistik Classification and nonexistence results for binary linear codes
2 december 2011 Krzysztof Bartoszek, Matematisk statistik Multivariate Aspects of Phylogenetic Comparative Methods
7 oktober 2011 Emilio Bergroth, Matematisk statistik Topics on Game Theory
29 september 2011 Karin Thörnblad, Matematik On the Optimization of Schedules of a Multitask Production Cell
10 juni 2011 Malin Östensson, Matematisk statistik Improving Methods for Genome Wide Analysis of Coeliac Disease
7 juni 2011 Magnus Röding, Matematisk statistik Concentration measurements in single particle microscopy
17 maj 2011 Stefan Erikshed, Matematisk statistik Mixing times for neighbour transposition shuffles on graphs
2 november 2010 Oscar Hammar, Matematisk statistik Inference in a Partially Observed Percolation Process
1 november 2010 Hermann Douanla Yonta, Matematik Spectral Asymptotics in Porous Media
4 oktober 2010 Hasan Almanasreh, Matematik The Dirac Operator; From Numerics to the Theory of G-convergence
13 september 2010 Adam Wojciechowski, Matematik On the optimization of opportunistic maintenance activities
10 juni 2010 Frank Eriksson, Matematisk statistik Semiparametric survival models for routine register data
9 juni 2010 Richard Lärkäng, Matematik Residue currents on analytic spaces
1 juni 2010 Ida Säfström, Matematik Tensor products of highest weight representations and skew-symmetric matrix equations A+B+C=0
22 april 2010 Ragnar Freij, Matematik Enumeration on words, complexes and polytopes
18 mars 2010 Jacob Sznajdman, Matematik Some Analytic Generalizations of the Brianҫon-Skoda Theorem
2 mars 2010 Ottmar Cronie, Matematisk statistik Different Aspects of Inference for Spatio-Temporal Marked Point Processes
29 januari 2010 Julia Jermolova Magnusson, Matematik
Types of solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation for polynomial algebras
8 december 2009 Urban Larsson, Matematik Sequences and games generalizing the combinatorial game of Wythoff Nim
4 december 2009 Reimond Emanuelsson, Matematik Singular integrals and convolution sets
4 november 2009 Sofia Tapani, Matematisk statistik Three dimensional mathematical modelling of pronucle