Schematic picture of wire and islands of magnetic impurities (blue) deposited on the surface of a superconductor creating topological systems with Majorana fermions (red) at wire end points and in vortex cores. 
​Bild: Kristofer Björnson, UU


​Välkommen till årets första kollokvium med Annica Black-Schaffer​, Uppsala universitet.

Titel: Topological superconductors and Majorana fermions


Topological superconductors with Majorana fermion quasiparticles form a newly discovered class of matter. The Majorana fermion can be seen as half an electron, or more accurately, the electron wave function has split up into two completely separate parts. I will explain the basic physics behind topological superconductors and why Majorana fermions appear, briefly review the current experimental status, and report a few of our recent findings.
Kategori Kollokvium; Öppen föreläsning
Plats: PJ, lecture hall, Fysikgården 2B, Fysik Origo
Tid: 2020-01-30 15:15
Sluttid: 2020-01-30 16:00

Publicerad: ti 14 jan 2020.